Creative & Video Production

Our Creative Service focuses on best practices for event marketing ads, ensuring all the right sizes and formats are created, as well as making it super easy and low touch for you.

We deliver ad creative sets for all your objectives to ensure the creatives are in line with the correct messaging for your target audience. Creative banners to entice exhibitor leads, drive visitors to register for your event, create FOMO to encourage people to attend all through creative banners that can be used across your digital campaigns.

High-quality creative is an important element to get right

Revolutionise your advertising with Generative AI

The future of marketing is here! Tag Digital is now offering Generative AI Advertising, or Gen AI Ads, which revolutionise marketing by blending AI and human touch. By leveraging smart techniques and prompts, Gen AI Ads conjures up images – from the realistic to the fantastical – that form the heart of digitally designed advertisements. 

Welcome to the new era of advertising, where artificial intelligence and human creativity unite to deliver extraordinary results.

These ads are designed to engage the viewer and present brand messages in a completely new, unusual and unique way.

Creative Service


What we will deliver for 1 ad set per objective:

  • Set of standard Google banners
    (covers all Google Display & Programmatic)
  • Set of responsive Google ads
  • Set of social image ads
    (covers all sizes across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat)
  • Single image carousel ad
  • Story ad

Generative AI Ads


Tag Digital will deliver 1 Generative AI ad creative set.

Our process for creating Generative AI ads involves the following steps:

Project Brief: You provide us with main assets – brand guidelines, straplines, logos, and main message and concepts.

Image Generation: We use AI to generate 3 different images we provide for your feedback and approval.

Ads Creation: We create ads in all sizes needed based on the approved image and your brand guidelines, messages and objectives.


Sample creative service ads

Videos account for more than 82% of all internet traffic

Your event creative needs to be Video First! Often our events clients are in need of more video content or just have outdated post-show videos. We want to change that!

Tag Digital will create an eyecatching promo video for your upcoming show to:

• Excite the audience

• Ensure you are ready with the best format for ad networks

• Utilise video advertising – cheap and effective media

Smart Slideshow

Promo video made up of your high-resolution images, in an interactive slideshow format.

Smart Video

Promo video made with your HD video content and Images for a high-quality motion video.

Stock Video

Promo video made from stock video and image. Ideal solution for launch events or limited creatives.

Short Reel


3 x 15 sec reel format videos utilising editing trends. Focused on 3 topics for longevity. 

Video Funnel


3 stage video funnel for events – designed to attract, educate, convert, and retain visitors using videos at each stage. We deliver 3 videos per stage of the funnel, across all resolutions (16:9, 9:16, 4:4, 4:5).

Sample videos…

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