Audience Extension

Monetise your data all year with remarketing packages for exhibitors and sponsors

A strong revenue-generating digital sales product for event organisers that amplifies the audience their clients can reach, beyond their own platforms, all year round.

Audience Extension connects your exhibitors and sponsors with their target audience, by sending traffic to your exhibitors’ websites, using your existing data, including previous show visitors, as well as website cookies.

You can ensure high-quality audience exposure for your clients and generate a strong return on investment, purely through digital.

The benefits of Audience Extension?

  • Strong source of additional revenue
  • Allows your exhibitors to connect with your audience year-round
  • Supports the development of stronger relationships with exhibitors
  • Scale across all your exhibitors to drive digital revenue
  • Leverage audience via 540 day remarketing, first-party & lookalike audiences
  • Ensure high-quality audience exposure for your clients
  • Simple, live reporting makes it easy to scale
  • ROI is typically 250-800%

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