Increase your reach by targeting premium websites

Programmatic advertising involves the real-time buying and selling of ad inventory through a bidding system. The exchange is by connecting advertisers to high-quality publishers who are offering ad space.

Programmatic for events

Bespoke strategy with events in mind

  • Prospecting – hand-picked website placements based on event Industry categories
  • Remarketing – 1st, 3rd party and Custom Lists using unique technology with identity graph, which guarantee very high match rate
  • Additional strategies based on your specific requirements and needs


Googles Programmatic platform. Here you can access premium placements across 90+ ad exchanges with highly targeted ads to More advanced targeting options on a platform that serves over 10billion impressions per day.

Ad types available on Programmatic

Display & Native Ads
Standard static banners, dynamic creatives, responsive ads.

Video Ads
Including video ads, native video and YouTube Ads in a variety of ad formats.

TV Ads
TV content on connected TVs and other digital devices.

Audio Ads
For targeting digital audio platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud etc.

Advanced targeting options above and beyond Google

Detailed Demographics including, gender, age, parental status, household income and more

Geo Targeting

Content – Contextual KWs targeting, apps and websites placements targeting.

Advanced Negative Targeting

Audiences – 1st and 3rd party audience, Google audiences, combined audiences, custom lists

Day & Time Targeting

Advaced frequency capping and viewability options

Advanced Technology Targeting – Browsers, connection speed, connect TV

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