Google Analytics 4

On July 1, 2023, standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits

Google Analytics 4 is the next generation of Google Analytics. It aims to serve the measurement need of a privacy centric, cookieless future.

GA4 uses machine learning to unearth insights about the customer journey across platforms and devices.

Enhanced, seamless integrations with Google’s advertising platforms to optimise campaign performance and drive greater marketing ROI.

Get help to audit or set up Google Analytics 4 today.

Why do you need GA4 right now?

To build the necessary historical data before Universal Analytics stops processing new hits.

If you want year-on-year data for next year, you should have GA4 set up already. If you don’t, start now.

The longer you leave it, the longer you’ll have to wait for that year-on-year comparison data.

Download the Tag Digital Google Analytics 4 brochure here

How can Tag Digital help you?

Get Healthy £440


Do you already have GA4 set up but want reassurance it’s all working correctly?


Our GA4 Get Healthy service provides a full audit on your GA4 Account by our Google Analytics experts who will review your account set up, analyse basic property settings, account linking, traffic filtering, conversion tracking and reporting.


Our experts will provide any recommendations for your team to implement.

Get Ahead £1650


Let our Google Analytics experts take the pain away of setting up GA4 with our GA4 Get Ahead Package.


Our full service covers an audit of your current UA set up, full GA4 account set up, conversion and event tracking set up, traffic filtering, account linking and reporting.


We also offer a 1 hour Q & A to go through your new shiny GA4.