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Video: What is Event PPC Marketing?

What is Event PPC


Event PPC marketing is a form of digital advertising and stands for Pay-Per-Click. Advertisers bid in auctions for the clicks that are most relevant to them. You can run event PPC marketing campaigns across Search, Social, Display and Video.

A common misconception is that PPC is only Adwords but really encompasses every type of media. It’s critical that a lot of work goes into defining your target audience, so this could be identifying competitors or key words or job titles, as well as the creative used and the landing page experience. You want to make sure that every click counts. Keep in mind that you are trying to establish how much it costs you to get one conversion so, how much does it cost us to get one visitor registration.

For example, if it costs you $1 for every click and you have a 10% conversion rate, then it costs you $10 for every conversion that you get. By establishing those numbers it makes it easy for your agency to project your results as well as identifying what your budget should be.

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