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The Advertising Metrics That Drive Business Outcomes – DigitX London 2023

Understanding the CMO Scorecard – The Advertising Metrics That Drive Business Outcomes

DigitX London Session Overview – Session by Jennifer Shaw-Sweet, EMEA Lead B2B Institute, LinkedIn. November 2023.

Jennifer Shaw-Sweet, DigitX London 2023.

In the ever-evolving world of marketing, the introduction of the CMO Scorecard marks a pivotal advancement. This comprehensive tool is designed to measure and demonstrate the value of brand investments, distilling decades of marketing effectiveness research into a user-friendly framework. 

Here’s an in-depth look at this innovative scorecard and its implications for marketers.

What is the CMO Scorecard?

Jennifer Shaw-Sweet, EMEA Lead B2B Institute at LinkedIn, said, “we started a years-long quest: to build a “CMO Scorecard,” a measurement framework that helps our customers prove and improve the business impact of brand investments, and benchmark performance against a competitive set.”

Launched as a foundational report, the CMO Scorecard addresses a critical challenge in the marketing field: quantifying the impact of brand investment. It serves as a guide for performance branding efforts, helping marketers navigate the complexities of measuring advertising effectiveness.

The LinkedIn B2B Institute also noted: “Our newest report, The CMO Scorecard, distills decades of marketing effectiveness research to identify the ‘Creative’ and ‘Media’ principles that drive business ‘Outcomes’. Together, this neatly forms the acronym ‘CMO’ ”

Source: LinkedIn B2B Institute 

Key Components of the CMO Scorecard

1. Creative Quality:

The scorecard underscores the significance of creative quality in advertising. It’s not about how much is spent, but how memorable and effective the creative content is. The scorecard evaluates creative quality based on metrics like attention, branding, and linkage to buying situations.

Source: LinkedIn B2B Institute

2. Media Decisions – Budgeting and Planning:

Media Quality is measured by scoring media on three key reach metrics; effectiveness, evenness, and efficiency.

These metrics assess how well a brand’s media strategy reaches its audience compared to competitors, how spending is spread throughout the year, and how spending balances across different objectives to optimise cost per reach.

Source: LinkedIn B2B Institute

3. Outcomes:

A crucial aspect of the CMO Scorecard is its ability to link marketing inputs directly to business outcomes.

This includes assessing the impact on marketing, selling, and hiring processes, thereby demonstrating the comprehensive value of brand advertising.

Source: LinkedIn The B2B Institute 

The scorecard delves into how brand advertising influences long-term sales, pricing power, talent acquisition, and the creation of a competitive moat.


The CMO Scorecard is more than just a measurement tool; it’s a roadmap for marketers seeking to validate and enhance their advertising performance. 

It advocates a shift from the traditional focus on lead generation to a more nuanced approach that values long-term brand building and its multifaceted impact on a business.

“The CMO Scorecard is designed to highlight the fact that effective marketing is a growth center for all business priorities, an investment in the company’s future, not just a cost of driving incremental sales.” Jennifer Shaw-Sweet, EMEA Lead, B2B Institute at LinkedIn

This scorecard is a game-changer, providing actionable insights and metrics for marketers to prove and improve their brand investment strategies, thereby aligning marketing efforts closely with overall business success.

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