Tag Shop

What is Tag Shop?

Tag Shop is the ideal one-stop marketplace for digital marketers looking to build brand awareness and increase website traffic with paid advertising campaigns.

The Tag Shop is the ideal solution for budgets under £10,000 ($13,000, €12,000, AED48,000) and those looking for low-touch, targeted campaigns.

Purchase targeted impressions and/or clicks across Google, Meta, LinkedIn, and video views on YouTube through the Tag Digital Shop. The campaigns run for 30 days and are executed by the Tag Digital experts.

Why use Tag Shop?

  • Access multiple platforms: Meta, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Reach your audience with targeted campaigns
  • Dynamic reporting to track analytics
  • Affordable prices
  • Campaigns run by paid advertising experts
  • Speedy order process
  • Fast turnaround (7 days)

Tag Digital live and breathe digital marketing. We design and execute digital strategies covering Google Search, social media ads, and video ads to reach the right people with the right messaging at the right time.