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Introducing the Tag Digital Wellbeing Team

We are creating a Culture of Workplace Wellness at Tag Digital

Written by Stephanie Bruce, Senior Marketing Manager

Tag Digital has recently launched the Wellbeing Team – responsible for taking care of the team and building the Tag Digital workplace wellbeing strategy. 

Tag Digital Wellbeing Champions

Why do we have a Wellbeing Team?

A key part of the Tag Digital mission is to build the happiest, healthiest and smartest team in the world, whilst supporting them to create a true career highlight.

The key to achieving this mission and creating a best-in-class culture of workplace wellbeing is through successfully delivering workplace wellbeing initiatives that effectively address employee needs.

Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at Tag Digital, Craig Davidson, shared that ‘It’s important to us that this [Tag Digital’s mission] is not a top-level throw-away comment. We work hard at it, with quarterly goal setting, career development plans, and having robust wellbeing strategy helps us with that as well’.

There are a lot of small steps we need to take in order for us to achieve this, and taking care of our wellbeing is a massive part of it.

What is the Wellbeing Team?

The Wellbeing Team consists of 6 members of the Tag Digital team, each with responsibility for one or two of the 7 wellbeing dimensions; physical, environmental, mental, emotional, social, financial and professional.

The Tag Digital team previously introduced the Impact Team, who covered social and environmental activities and initiatives. The Impact Team has now been incorporated into the Wellbeing Team to ensure that the wellbeing strategy is all-encompassing and comprehensive. 

What are the 7 dimensions of wellbeing?

Physical Wellbeing

  • Physical wellbeing is about positive health and bodily functioning, including high energy levels, restful sleep, regular exercise, adequate mobility and movement, good nutrition and access to good health care.
  • We want the team to all be in good health and to take care of themselves. 

Steph, Senior Marketing Manager, is our Physical Wellbeing Champion.

Positive health and bodily function is extremely important to Steph in her day-to-day, she is keen to become a physical wellbeing advocate for the wider team at Tag Digital.

Steph hopes to support the team in creating fun, engaging and realistic ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our ultimate goal is to create the happiest, healthiest and smartest team in the world, making it core to all of our decisions.

Environmental Wellbeing

Environmental wellbeing is about the physical environment, including access to the necessary physical resources and attractive hybrid or flexible working policies. 

It also includes non-physical resources, such as employee competence, company pride, sense of purpose, sense of work-life harmony and psychological safety.

Different from the work the impact team do, which can be more focussed on the natural environment and climate.

Karolina, Growth Manager, will take the role as Tag Digital’s Environmental Wellbeing Champion.

Environmental wellbeing is about the physical environment, such as having access to necessary physical resources, attractive working policies within flexible and hybrid working. 

It also cover non-physical resources, focusing on employee competence, company pride, sense of purpose and work-life-harmony.

Karolina’s iniatitives all align with the overall company goals of Tag Digital, which Karolina looks to develop further in order to create an ideal environment for the Tag Digital Team.

Social Wellbeing

Jamie, Paid Media Team Lead, is our Social Wellbeing Champion.

With a strong belief in the power of social interaction and connection in the workplace, Jamie is committed to promoting social wellbeing and making a positive difference in the lives of his colleagues.

Social wellbeing is all about the sense of belonging to a community and including supportive and fulfilling relationships.

Jamie aims to create a sense of social connectedness and acceptance for the team, acknowledgement and recognition, and opportunity to contribute with a feeling of trust and cooperation.

Financial and Professional Wellbeing

Craig is tasked with taking ownership of two Wellbeing Dimensions: Financial and Professional. 

Craig will ensure the environment and culture at Tag Digital remains strong and values focussed as the business continues to grow. Ensuring the team have the best tools available in order to effectively manage their finances, and make sound financial decisions. 

Finally, professional development and fair pay across the team also fall under his Champion remit.

Financial Wellbeing

Financial wellbeing encompasses financial literacy, including feelings of being able to manage and control one’s finances and to make sound financial decisions, feelings of financial security and ability to make choices that allow for enjoyment of life. 

It also includes fair pay, compensation transparency and rewards.

Professional Wellbeing

Professional wellbeing is about trust in management, belief in the organisation’s mission and values, and opportunities of advancement. 

It encompasses company culture and how people treat each other, levels of empowerment and accountability, clear communication and management showing empathy and providing personal and professional support.

Emotional Wellbeing

Paid Social Manager, Cara will take responsibility for the emotional aspects of the workplace wellbeing.

Emotional wellbeing is about self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-efficacy.

It includes emotional resilience, emotional strength and equanimity, our ability to manage emotions effectively, have positive relationships, and effectively handle conflict. 

Emotional strength helps create strong relationships and confidence within the workplace. 

We all have many positive, and slightly less positive emotions that we can be overcome by at times. This dimension is always about controlling those and feeling good about yourself, feeling resilient and confident.

As part of the role as an emotional wellbeing champion, Cara plans to encourage self-confidence and emotional reliance across the team. Reflecting a positive attitude to help shape the happiest, healthiest and smartest team.

Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing encompasses everything to do with the thinking mind, including the ability to handle stress effectively, ability to focus and concentrate, and capacity for creativity and innovation.

Increased mental wellbeing strengthens resilience, mental clarity and enhances decision making. Similar to physical wellbeing, we want you all to have good mental health and to give it the attention it deserves. Your brain is another muscle you need to exercise.

Drew, Paid Social Manager, will be Tag Digital’s Mental Wellbeing Champion.

Drew is passionate about keeping the body’s strongest muscle, the brain, lively and unobstructed.

While nobody has perfect mental health days (it is completely normal and part of the human experience), Drew will aim to support the team in fostering mental wellbeing both personally and professionally.

Drew is a big proponent of mindfulness, and will aim to bring such techniques to the role.

All initiatives introduced by the Wellbeing Team will be monitored and reviewed regularly through feedback forms to assess engagement levels. 

“I cannot wait to get going with the new initiatives. The team initially generated over 200 initiatives ideas across the 7 dimensions, so we worked hard to streamline our ideas and start with a handful of key initiatives to get us going with our strategy.

There are lots of exciting initiatives to come, watch this space!”

Physical Wellbeing Champion, Steph Bruce

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