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Google Ads Update: Similar Audiences Will No Longer Be Generated After May 2023

Google Ads Update: Similar Audiences Will No Longer Be Generated After May 2023

If you utilise similar audiences across Google Ads, keep reading. 

What is similar audience targeting?

A similar audience enables advertisers to target users that share characteristics with those on your existing remarketing lists. 

What is the latest Google update?

As of May 2023, Google Ads and Display & Video 360 (DV360) will no longer generate similar audiences for targeting and reporting. After 1 August 2023, existing similar audiences will be removed from any ad groups and campaigns, but they will continue to serve until this date. Historical reporting for similar audiences segments will still exist from past campaigns. The update will result in more automation.

What should you do next?

If you’re using similar audiences on:

  • Google Display, Discovery, or Video Campaigns
  • YouTube Video Action
    • If you are a DV360 customer using similar audiences on YouTube video action campaigns, opt your campaigns into optimised targeting. Use audience expansion if you are using other types of YouTube line items. Please note: Audience Expansion is only available in Google Ads right now, but will be launched for DV360 at the start of 2023.
  • Search or Shopping Campaigns
    • Opt those campaigns into Smart Bidding. No need to take any action if you are utilising Smart Bidding, or running a Performance Max campaign already.

Why have Google made this update?

  • Third-party cookies are being phased out in 2023, so it is important to leverage your first-party data signals. The similar audiences update is one strategy supporting the transition to more durable ways to help grow your business. 

As a reminder, Similar Audience segments will no longer be generated after May 2023. Utilise automation to stay ahead of the game to ensure you are reaching the most relevant, engaged audiences, and are measuring results in a privacy-centric way – especially as third-party cookies are getting phased out. 

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