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Unlocking the Future of Event Marketing: Insights from DigitX London’s 2023

Unlocking the Future of Event Marketing: Insights from DigitX London’s 2023

DigitX London Session Overview – Session by Nicola Shaw, Head of Growth at Tag Digital.
November 2023.

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Nicola Shaw, Head of Growth, DigitX London 2023.

The event marketing landscape is evolving rapidly, and staying ahead requires more than just keeping pace; it necessitates foresight and innovation.

The Event Marketing Playbook 2024 emerges as a beacon for event professionals, offering a comprehensive guide filled with cutting-edge strategies and insights. 

In this blog post, we delve into the playbook’s key elements, unveiling its invaluable advice for shaping the future of event marketing.

Budget Setting for 2024

The playbook kicks off with an emphasis on data-driven budgeting.

It’s important that you are aligning your budget with industry benchmarks, specifically the Tag Digital Benchmarking Report, you can optimise your spending for maximum effectiveness.

In this session, Nicola shared a sneak peek into the latest version of Tag Digital’s benchmarking report, sharing insight into the one of a kind data that Tag Digital have collected by running over 100,000 paid advertising campaigns for the events industry.

Nicola explored the importance of having a digital strategy that is always on and runs 365 throughout the year building data, continuously promoting your content and engaging with your audience outwith your event cycle.

Source: Tag Digital, Event Marketing Playbook

Innovative Brand Awareness

Brand visibility takes centre stage with innovative approaches to paid advertising.

The playbook highlights the potency of programmatic advertising, connected TV, audio ads, and digital out-of-home advertising.

Source: Event Marketing Playbook, Tag Digital

Real-world case studies paint a vivid picture of how these methods have propelled brands to new heights, generating significant improvements in impressions, clicks, and registrations.

Read our case study for a paid advertising campaign for Clarion’s event, Indian Gaming Show which includes the benefits of programmatic advertising.

Tapping Into TikTok

In the realm of social media, TikTok stands out as a pivotal platform for engagement.

In Nicola’s session, she presents compelling case studies from various sectors, demonstrating how TikTok’s unique format and vast reach can lead to impressive engagement rates and an affordable cost-per-click.

For event marketers, this platform offers an unmissable opportunity to connect with wider audiences.

AI: The New Frontier in Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping event marketing, and the Event Marketing Playbook provides a deep dive into this transformation.

It showcases case studies involving Google’s Performance Max and Meta Advantage, illustrating how Generative AI banners can lead to remarkable improvements in conversions and click-through rates.

Find out more about our Generative AI Creative Service now.

Content Repurposing: A Multi-Platform Strategy

The playbook underscores the significance of content repurposing.

By adapting content for different formats – from blog posts to podcasts, webinars, promotional videos, and social posts – event marketers can extend their reach and engagement.

This section offered the event marketers in the room a practical guide to maximise the lifespan and impact of their content across various channels.

Key Learnings and Recommendations

The most impactful insights, the Event Marketing Playbook reaffirms the importance of several core strategies:

  • Data-driven budgeting for precise and effective use of resources.
  • Leveraging innovative advertising channels for brand growth.
  • Embracing TikTok for broader and more engaging outreach.
  • Utilizing AI to enhance digital campaign effectiveness.
  • Repurposing content creatively to maximize reach and engagement.

The Event Marketing Playbook is an indispensable resource for event marketers seeking to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape.

Its insights and strategies provide a roadmap for not just keeping up with the trends but setting them.

As we step into the future of event marketing, this session offers the tools and knowledge to create memorable, impactful events that resonate in the digital age.

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