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64 – Mastering Authenticity, Influence and How to Unlock Potential with Kay Munday


This podcast features an insightful conversation with Kay Munday, a public speaking coach, as she shares her journey and experiences in mastering effective communication.

Kay discusses her early challenges with speaking in public and professional settings, particularly as a young woman in a male-dominated industry.

Her story emphasizes the pivotal role of overcoming personal and professional hurdles through intentional practice and seeking expert coaching.

The conversation delves into various strategies that helped her transform her communication skills, leading to significant personal growth and professional success.

Key Topics:

  • Early Challenges in Public Speaking
  • Seeking Professional Help
  • The Power of Effective Communication
  • Overcoming Fear
  • Authenticity and Vulnerability in Communication
  • Personal Experiences and Growth

Early Challenges in Public Speaking

Kay recounts her initial difficulties with public speaking, including moments of hesitation in expressing her thoughts in front of others, which often led to missed opportunities.

Her struggle was compounded by her experiences in boardrooms, where she felt out of place and underconfident. These experiences acted as a catalyst, pushing her to take concrete steps towards improving her communication skills.

Key arguments: Kay emphasizes the universality of such fears and the importance of recognizing and addressing them to improve.

Examples/Stories: She shares anecdotes from board meetings and personal interactions where her inability to communicate effectively hindered her performance and confidence.

“I had to pitch myself in to win their attention, and when I was fumbling, it was game over.”

Seeking Professional Help

Realizing the need for external guidance, Kay took her first substantial step towards improvement by hiring a coach.

This decision marked the beginning of a more directed and effective approach to mastering public speaking.

Key arguments: The discussion highlights the value of recognizing one’s limitations and seeking professional help to address them swiftly and effectively.

Examples/Stories: Kay shares her experience with different coaches, including a speaking coach and a therapist, who helped her navigate various aspects of communication.

“Getting a coach was a much nicer, quicker, and easier route.”

The Power of Effective Communication

Kay discusses how mastering communication significantly impacted her personal and professional life. She stresses that effective communication is a critical skill across all aspects of life and that improving this skill can lead to profound changes in how one is perceived and can influence others.

Key arguments: Effective communication is foundational for success in any field, especially in leadership roles.

Examples/Stories: She mentions her professional scenarios where enhanced communication skills transformed her interactions and outcomes.

“There was a common denominator in my struggles, and it was communication.”

Overcoming Fear

Addressing the common fear associated with public speaking, Kay shares insights into how she managed her fears and helped others do the same.

Key arguments: Fear of public speaking is prevalent and can be debilitating, but it is also surmountable through structured practice and feedback.

Examples/Stories: She relates to the audience by discussing the general anxiety surrounding public speaking and her personal journey to overcoming it.

“75% of the population suffer from speech anxiety.”

Authenticity and Vulnerability in Communication

Kay advocates for authenticity and vulnerability as powerful tools in communication. She explains how these elements can build trust and relatability among audiences.

Key arguments: Being genuine and open in communication can enhance personal and brand loyalty. Examples/Stories: The benefits of authenticity in professional settings and its impact on audience engagement are discussed.

“Authenticity… can drive longer-term brand loyalty up to 39%.” – Kay Munday, citing a Google study.

Personal Experiences and Growth

The podcast concludes with Kay reflecting on her personal growth journey, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and true expression in achieving professional fulfillment and success.

Key arguments: Personal growth is closely tied to professional success, especially when it involves overcoming inherent fears and embracing one’s true self.

Examples/Stories: Kay shares her own “coming out” story as a pivotal moment of embracing authenticity in her personal and professional life.

“The most difficult thing I’ve done in my life was coming out… and it has influenced everything since.”


The podcast wraps up with a discussion on the ongoing need for individuals to engage authentically with their audiences, whether in boardrooms or public forums.

Kay Munday’s experiences underscore the transformative power of effective communication and the importance of embracing one’s vulnerabilities to connect deeply with others.

Her journey from fear to mastery in public speaking offers valuable lessons on personal resilience and professional growth.

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