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#61 – The Playbook of Possibilities: Business Scaling, Exits, Sports and Relationships with Mac Lackey

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In this episode of Tag Lab, entrepreneur Mac Lackey shares his expertise on entrepreneurial exit strategies, offering a deep dive into how he successfully navigated the complex process of selling his startups.

Mac shares his foundational experiences, including his initial ventures influenced by the early days of the commercial web browser and his unique insights into strategic exits.

The conversation delves into Mac’s tactical approach to identifying strategic buyers early, leveraging personal passions like soccer into successful businesses, and the profound importance of balancing family life with entrepreneurial endeavours.

Key Topics:

  • Strategic Relationships and Exit Planning
  • Leveraging Personal Passion in Business
  • Balancing Family Life with Entrepreneurial Endeavors
  • Strategic Value and Buyer’s Math

Strategic Relationships and Exit Planning

Mac Lackey emphasises the critical importance of entrepreneurial exit strategies and building early relationships with potential buyers, underscoring the long-term planning involved in his approach.

He shares his methodology of integrating exit strategies into business planning from the start in his programme for entrepreneurs, Exit DNA.

Mac discusses his personal experiences with early business exits, highlighting how unplanned opportunities can arise, leading to significant financial and professional milestones.

His story about the early and unexpected interest in his first business, resulting in a life-changing eight-figure exit, underscores the value of being prepared and open to opportunities.

“We had built a really valuable business and all of a sudden the outside world realized that lots of people came knocking interested in buying what we had built”.

Leveraging Personal Passion in Business

Mac discusses how integrating his passion for soccer with his entrepreneurial spirit led to the creation of businesses that were not only financially successful but also personally fulfilling.

He details how his second business venture combined his love for soccer and technology, quickly leading to another successful exit.

This segment of the podcast illustrates how passion can be a critical component of business success and personal satisfaction.

Balancing Family Life with Entrepreneurial Endeavours

A significant part of the discussion is dedicated to how Mac managed to balance his demanding career with being a present and involved parent.

He shares poignant reflections on prioritising family over work and how this decision positively impacted both his personal life and business success.

Mac’s narrative provides a compelling argument for the possible harmony between entrepreneurial success and family commitments, challenging the often accepted norm of sacrificing one for the other.

“I built my better businesses when I left the office at 4:45 to be home for dinner at 5. My businesses actually got better.”

Strategic Value and Buyer’s Math

Mac introduces the concept of “buyer’s math,” which focuses on the potential value a product or service could bring to a buyer rather than just the financial metrics from the seller’s perspective.

He explains how understanding and articulating this value can significantly influence negotiations and outcomes in selling a business.

This approach shifts the focus from conventional financial valuations to a broader strategic value proposition, enhancing the appeal to potential buyers.


Mac Lackey’s insights reveal a comprehensive approach to entrepreneurship that goes beyond mere business operations to include strategic foresight, personal passion, and life balance.

His experiences and strategies provide a valuable guide for entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey, emphasising the importance of preparation, strategic positioning, and personal fulfillments.

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