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#60 – Beyond the Stage: Adam Parry’s Story of Conquering Fears and The Evolution of Event Tech Live

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In this insightful episode of Tag Lab, Laura Davidson warmly welcomes Adam Parry, a visionary founder of Event Industry News and Event Tech Live.

Adam shares his journey from organising his first-ever event, Event Tech Live, without prior experience, to becoming a prominent figure in the event technology sector.

The conversation dives deep into Adam’s inspirations, challenges, and the evolution of event technology, highlighting his innovative approach to creating impactful and sustainable events.

Adam also opens up about his personal growth, overcoming public speaking anxiety, and the profound influence of fatherhood on his perspectives towards work and success.

Key Topics:

  • The Genesis of Event Tech Live and Exhibition News
  • Building Deep Industry Relationships
  • Innovations and Trends in Event Technology
  • Overcoming Challenges and Personal Growth
  • The Role of Sustainability in Event Planning

The Genesis of Event Tech Live and Exhibition News

Adam Parry recounts the inception of Event Tech Live and Event Industry News, born out of a necessity to overcome distribution challenges in print publishing and to provide real-time ROI metrics to advertisers.

This innovative digital approach allowed them to reach a broader audience and offer valuable insights into engagement, marking a significant shift in how event news and content were delivered.

A casual conversation about technology’s role in events sparked the idea for Event Tech Live, aiming to highlight and explore the dynamic intersection of event planning and technological advancements.

“We had to innovate to overcome the challenges we faced with traditional publishing methods.” – Adam Parry

Building Deep Industry Relationships

Laura and Adam discuss the importance of building long-term relationships within the industry. Adam credits the success of Event Tech Live to the early supporters and partners who trusted his vision, despite his lack of experience in event organising.

This segment emphasises the value of community and mutual support in nurturing growth and innovation within the event tech sector.

“It’s about picking up the phone, engaging with your network, and truly understanding the current conversations within the industry.” – Adam Parry

Innovations and Trends in Event Technology

Adam Parry shares insights into the evolving landscape of event technology, from the rise of event apps and engagement tools to the integration of AI and the challenges and opportunities of virtual and hybrid events.

He predicts a significant focus on operational efficiencies and the operational side of event planning as the next frontier for technological advancements in the industry.

“AI is the topic at the moment, but the real revolution comes from using technology to streamline operations and enhance engagement.” – Adam Parry

Overcoming Challenges and Personal Growth

Adam discusses overcoming his fear of public speaking and how embracing challenging situations led to personal growth and opportunities.

He offers practical advice for gradually building confidence through panel participation and moderating, highlighting the importance of facing fears head-on for professional development.

“Facing the most challenging situations head-on made everything else seem much easier.” – Adam Parry

The Role of Sustainability in Event Planning

The conversation shifts to sustainability in event planning, a topic Adam is passionate about. He emphasises the industry’s potential to influence positive changes in ecological and social sustainability practices among attendees and the broader community.

Adam reflects on the need for continuous learning and adaptation to integrate sustainability into event planning effectively.

“Sustainability isn’t just ecological; it’s also about social responsibility and governance.” – Adam Parry

In conclusion, Adam and Laura’s conversation offers a profound look into the journey of innovation, resilience, and the power of community within the event technology sector.

Adam’s story is a testament to the impact of embracing challenges, the importance of sustainability, and the transformative power of technology in connecting and enriching the event industry.

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