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#58 – The Story of Tag Digital with Founders, Craig and Laura Davidson

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In this episode of the Tag Digital Podcast, Steph Bruce, Senior Marketing Manager, is joined by Laura and Craig Davidson, the founders of Tag Digital.

The podcast dives into the origins and evolution of Tag Digital, providing insights into the challenges, milestones, and lessons learned throughout their journey.

From starting in a small office with big dreams to becoming a recognised name in digital marketing for events, the episode sheds light on the personal and professional growth of the founders and their vision for the future of the company.

Key Topics:

  • The Genesis of Tag Digital
  • Building the Business from the Ground Up
  • Challenges and Milestones
  • Growth and Specialisation
  • The Importance of Team Culture
  • Work-Life Integration
  • Recognition and Future Aspirations

The Genesis of Tag Digital

The story begins with Craig’s dissatisfaction in a corporate role and a rude colleague, which prompted him and Laura to brainstorm a business plan that catered to local businesses in need of digital marketing services.

Their aim was simple: to make enough money to avoid having to work in traditional part-time jobs. Despite a rocky start and almost moving to Canada, the duo’s persistence and Laura’s knack for sales gradually set Tag Digital on a path to success.

This episode uncovers their leap of faith in quitting stable jobs, the initial struggles, and the decision-making processes that led to the establishment of Tag Digital.

Examples of their early challenges highlight the reality of starting a business from scratch, emphasizing resilience and adaptability.

A notable quote from Craig encapsulates the spirit of their early days…

“It was very much kind of fake it till you make it, say yes to anything, and between the two of us, we would figure it out.”

Building the Business from the Ground Up

As Tag Digital began to gain traction, Laura and Craig faced the challenge of scaling the business while maintaining their ethos.

Their journey from executing small projects for local businesses to securing their first corporate client marks a pivotal transition in the company’s direction.

This segment illustrates the growth, specialisation, and the strategic decision to focus on the event sector, which significantly contributed to their success.

Including their first big client win and the strategic pivot to specialise in services for the event industry. Laura’s reflection serves as a testament to the importance of adapting and finding a niche.

“Once we got in there and started to refine our process and be able to deliver for them, then I think that’s when the business started to mature”.

Challenges and Milestones

Discussing the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, Laura and Craig open up about the highs and lows of running a business.

From the excitement of small wins in the early days to navigating through the uncertainty of COVID-19, this topic delves into the resilience and adaptability required to overcome obstacles.

The conversation also touches upon the significance of team culture and the impact of having a supportive team during tough times.

A memorable quote from Craig during this segment is:

“If you accept that there’s going to be difficult times, you accept that you’re going to have to just get your head down and persevere and keep showing up.”

Growth and Specialisation

The specialisation in the event sector and a focused service offering were crucial in Tag Digital’s growth.

Craig and Laura share insights into the decision to narrow their focus, which not only streamlined their operations but also positioned them as experts in a niche market.

This strategic shift is highlighted as a key factor in their ability to scale the business. Examples of early challenges and strategic decisions paint a picture of the iterative process of finding what works best for the company.

The Importance of Team Culture

Laura emphasises the role of the first ten employees in setting the company’s culture, underscoring the importance of aligning with people who share the same values and work ethic.

This section explores the dynamic of building a team that not only possesses the right skills but also contributes to a positive and productive work environment.

The discussion reflects on the impact of early hires on the company’s trajectory and the importance of maintaining a strong company culture as the business grows.

Work-Life Integration

Balancing the demands of a growing business with personal life, especially with a young family, is candidly addressed by Laura and Craig.

They share personal anecdotes of how they managed to integrate work with their family life, including the challenges of early parenthood and the eventual decision to hire a nanny for better balance.

This segment offers a personal glimpse into the sacrifices and adjustments entrepreneurs often have to make in pursuit of their dreams.

Recognition and Future Aspirations

Being recognised as one of the fastest-growing privately owned businesses is a proud moment for Laura and Craig.

They reflect on the journey from starting in a small office to achieving significant milestones, including the recognition on the FEBE Growth 100 list.

This acknowledgment not only serves as a testament to their hard work but also motivates them to continue pushing boundaries.

Looking ahead, Laura expresses excitement for the future, encapsulating the sentiment with, “the sky’s the limit.”


The podcast episode with Steph Bruce, Laura, and Craig Davidson offers a comprehensive overview of the challenges, decisions, and milestones that have shaped Tag Digital’s journey.

From its humble beginnings to becoming a leader in digital marketing for the event industry, the story of Tag Digital is a testament to the power of perseverance, strategic decision-making, and the importance of cultivating a strong team culture.

As they look to the future, Laura and Craig’s reflections offer valuable insights and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders alike.