Kickstart Your Event Success with Paid Advertising for Beginners

Take your paid advertising knowledge to the next level

An exciting opportunity to become CPD Accredited with this beginner-level course. The course introduces event marketers to the world of paid advertising. Focused on foundational knowledge, it guides you through creating and launching your first campaigns on Google and across social media platforms, with an emphasis on understanding conversion tracking basics.

Limited spaces available. Register your interest before 1st August 2024. You’ll be first to hear about it & get first access!

The first cohort will begin on 2nd September 2024.

Course highlights: What will you learn?

  • Week 1: Introduction to Paid Advertising
  • Week 2: Setting Up Your First Campaigns on Google
  • Week 3: Launching Your First Meta Campaigns
  • Week 4: Launching Your First LinkedIn Campaigns
  • Assessment and Certification

Duration: 4 weeks, 3 hours per week

Format: Recorded video sessions, and a 1 hour live session each week with the Tag Digital team.

Tag Digital live and breathe events and digital marketing. We know the strategies that deliver for paid digital. We design and execute digital strategies covering search, social, and video advertisements to reach the right people with the right messaging at the right time.

The course content is specific to events, created by digital event marketing professionals at Tag Digital.

Week 1: Introduction to Paid Advertising

  • What is Paid Advertising? Importance for Events
  • Overview of Paid Channels: Google, Meta, LinkedIn
  • Marketing Funnel for Events: Awareness, Traffic, Conversion
  • Assignment: Identify objectives for a hypothetical event campaign.

Week 2: Setting Up Your First Campaigns on Google

  • Google Ads Basics: Account Setup and Structure
  • Keyword Planning and Ad Copy Writing for Events
  • Introduction to Google Ads Conversion Tracking
  • Assignment: Create a mock Google Search campaign for an event.

Week 3: Launching Your First Meta Campaigns

  • Social Media Advertising: Facebook & Instagram Essentials
  • Creating Your First Meta Ad: Targeting, Ad Formats, and Budgeting
  • Basics of Meta Ads Conversion Tracking
  • Assignment: Draft a Facebook ad for an upcoming event.

Week 4: Launching Your First LinkedIn Campaigns

  • Audience Segmentation: Core, Remarketing, Lookalike
  • Introduction to Remarketing on Google and Meta Platforms
  • Pixel and Tag Deployment for Effective Tracking
  • Live Q&A: Troubleshooting Campaign Setup and Tracking Issues
  • Assignment: Create your own Linkedin campaign

Assessment and Certification:

Certification awarded upon successful completion, verifying foundational skills in paid advertising for events.