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[Event Marketing Tools] – Why Do Event Marketers Need To Bid on Brand Terms?

As digital marketers we get asked this question a lot! 

Targeting brand keywords is a cost effective way to drive conversions, but there are plenty more reasons why it’s an effective event marketing tool.

Contrary to some opinions, paid search can really complement SEO. You can test sending visitors to different landing pages, show results only to new users and use extensions to offer more information about your business. And while only using SEO can take time to see results, with Brand PPC campaigns you can almost instantly start appearing at the top of the search results.

It’s also important to remember if you don’t bid on your brand, your competitors might, and there’s potential to lose high quality bottom of the funnel traffic to your site and revenue.

So by bidding on brand we give clients the best opportunity to saturate the search results page, maximise ROI and offer flexibility as well as control over ads.

For more information on event marketing tools, feel free to get in touch with the Tag Digital team.