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Video: Why would event organisers use PPC to market their events?

Why would event organisers use PPC to market their events?

Event organisers would use PPC as it’s a highly tangible marketing channel. It allows you to know exactly what you are paying on a cost per click basis on any platform. It allows you to see the quality of those users and allows your agency to determine how much it costs you to get one visitor, one exhibitor, one attendee or any other key metric for your campaign.

Your agency can also target any keyword, any country, any job title, any competitor and use intelligent machine learning as well as a blend of art and science to get the best results. With PPC it’s easy it measure what is and isn’t working as opposed to spending a large portion of your budget on traditional marketing methods like direct mail, which are much harder to determine which parts of the campaign are actually performing. It helps you to build awareness, especially for a launch event, a challenging sector or a new region. And allows you to deliver the smart results that you need for exhibitors, visitors, attendees, awards entries and data.

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