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Video: How much of your event marketing budget should be allocated to PPC?

How much of your event marketing budget should be allocated to PPC?

The great thing about PPC is that you can start with a small budget, say around $2000, and you can add to that provided that the campaign is delivering the results that you need. There’s no pressure to start with a huge budget and it gives you the confidence that the campaign is actually delivering your results.

Once you’re up to speed and the campaigns start to scale, you should beĀ benchmarking around 30% of your event results, whether it’s visitor registrations or exhibitor leads. And over time your budget should start to reflect that and we would expect that would become about 20% of your overall budget. With events PPC, your budget increases as you get towards the end of the campaign. The reason for that is your agency should start small, they should start with what is actually working and then build on those results. If your event is free, then the people who register in the last couple of weeks are most likely to attend that event and you get the best quality of users at this point, so your agency need to make sure that they save enough of your budget for the end of the campaign when you get those really big numbers.

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