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Using Facebook Data Lists to Supercharge Your Event PPC Marketing Campaigns

Using Facebook Data Lists to Supercharge Your Event PPC Marketing Campaigns

Using data lists on Facebook is a key event marketing strategy to reach a highly relevant audience to ultimately boost your event results.

Data lists allow Facebook to reach users that your brand has been into contact with in a way that cannot be tracked through Facebook engagement or the Facebook pixel. It uses lists of contacts that you have previously acquired to send personalised ads to users. 

For example, you might have an email list containing previous event attendees. These are people who are interested in your event but Facebook has no way of identifying them, so by uploading a data list Facebook can identify these specific users and match them with profiles. Whether it be email addresses, phone numbers, or even home addresses, the more information you provide the better the match rate. We would also recommend a minimum of 300 users if possible for stronger results.

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There is no better way to achieve a relevant Facebook audience than by using a data list containing prospects who have already shown an interest in your brand, and this higher level of intent from ‘warm’ data will usually help to reduce overall CPA.

You can also create lookalike audiences from these data lists. For more information on the power of lookalike audiences on Facebook for marketing your event, make sure to check out our upcoming blogs across our social channels and website. 

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