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Unleash Your Brand’s Potential with Generative AI Creatives

Unleash Your Brand’s Potential with Generative AI Creatives

At Tag Digital, we’re not just at the forefront of digital advertising; we’re redefining it.

Our award-winning Generative AI Creative Service is transforming how brands connect with their audiences, proving that the future of impactful advertising is here. And it’s powered by AI.

Why settle for the ordinary when you can achieve the extraordinary?

Our Generative AI Creative Service leverages cutting-edge technology to craft personalised, engaging, and highly effective digital ads.

Welcome to the new era of advertising, where artificial intelligence and human creativity unite to deliver extraordinary results.

Generative AI Creatives leverages smart techniques and prompts, creating images – from the realistic to the fantastical – that form the heart of digitally designed advertisements. 

These ads are designed to engage the viewer and present brand messages in a completely new, unusual and unique way.

What do Generative AI Creatives look like?

The result? A staggering 200% increase in conversions  setting a new benchmark for what digital campaigns can achieve.

Award-Winning Innovation

Our commitment to excellence hasn’t gone unnoticed.

We are proud winners of Best Digital Advertising Campaign at the EN (Exhibition News) Marketing Awards 2024 for our paid advertising campaign, Automechanika Dubai 2023 with Messe Frankfurt.

Our award entry recognises the innovative approach and the unparalleled success our clients enjoy.

In this campaign, both creatives were single image ads with the same call to action and copy – the only difference was the creative.

This campaign was one of our first client’s to trial Generative AI Creatives and the results speak for themselves, they are award winning!

The Generative AI Creatives out performed the traditional creatives, with higher conversions, clicks, impressions and click through rate.

76% of the overall conversions in this campaign came from ads with Generative AI creatives, the images are more eye catching and stand out.

Event marketers have relied on consistent branding for years and we understand giving up this control can be daunting, however, marketers who adopt and adapt can reap the benefits of utilising this new AI technology. 

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Welcome to the Future of Marketing…

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