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Top Tips for Successful Exhibitor Promotion Campaigns

Written by Cara Burkitt, Paid Social Manager and Elisabeth Vorley, Paid Media Manager.

What is exhibitor promotion?

To put it simply, exhibitor promotion campaigns are dedicated to generating exhibitor leads for events. Reaching people and companies interested in showcasing their products, services and innovations at specific industry events.

The objective is to generate highly qualified leads through various paid advertising channels that can result in the sale of exhibitor space and sponsorship opportunities at our client’s events.

What is the difference between Visitor Promotion and Exhibitor Promotion?

They target different objectives, audiences, and utilises different messaging to achieve a different end goal. Exhibitor Promotion campaigns target an audience who has the purchasing power and intent to book exhibitor space at an event.

This means we need to focus our remarketing efforts on the exhibitor pages of the website to ensure we are able to reach and retarget this audience as these users have the highest intent of converting.

The copy is a really important aspect of exhibitor promotion, this needs to reflect the main objective of generating qualified exhibitor leads.

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It is a good idea to include USPs that stand out to an exhibitor, this can include highlighting the number of expected visitors, the target audience of the event and other key exhibitors. 

What is the ideal time frame for Exhibitor Promotion campaigns?

We would recommend launching with exhibitor promotion first, this step naturally comes first in the event planning process.

Having key exhibitors will contribute to the attraction of the event. Often well established industry leading exhibitors can also then become a unique selling point within to generate visitor registrations.

A good time to launch exhibitor promotion is straight after the event, this is when your audience is warmest with high purchasing intent. 

We would recommend our clients to use messaging like ‘look what you missed out on’ to bring awareness to an already aware audience. 

If the events sales team are also generating new leads straight after the event then your paid campaigns should also reflect this. In this scenario, we would recommend an always-on approach for campaigns to ensure you are taking full advantage of your audiences.

What’s the best platform for exhibitor promotion?

Deciding platforms is extremely important, you need to make sure campaigns reach individuals who have the purchase power to convert for exhibitor space. 

LinkedIn is a good platform to run exhibitor campaigns on due to the detailed targeting that can be done on the platform. LinkedIn offers key targeting for Job Titles, Company industries, Company Names, that can all be layered to reach the desired audience.

LinkedIn also offers detailed insights into the demographics that our ads are reaching, which can then be used for optimisations and learnings from the campaign. 

Google is a very powerful platform for raising awareness and generating leads. Google send users to your exhibitor website by creating custom intent audiences with relevant keywords.

Google allows you to target users who have visited your specific exhibitor pages, which targets highly specific users who have already interacted.

We can also layer the audiences for qualified traffic including demographics specific to exhibitors such as industry and age. 

Tag Digital’s Top Tips:

  • Analyse lead quality to allow you to optimise campaigns
  • Align paid campaigns with the sales team to drive the best results with your budget
  • We recommend that we do not run exhibitor promotion and visitor promotion at the same time – you want to make sure that you are allowing yourself enough time to run both campaign types successfully

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