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Spotlight on Steph – Senior Marketing Manager

Tag Digital Team Spotlight

Steph has been at Tag Digital for just over 4 years, progressing from a Marketing Executive to Senior Marketing Manager. Let’s see what Steph has to say about her career journey so far…

What did you do before working at Tag Digital?

I studied Psychology at the University of Edinburgh, graduating in 2017. I then moved to Glasgow and worked at as a support worker at Glasgow Association for Mental Health (GAMH). I absolutely loved working at GAMH – I found the experience eye-opening, and I met some incredible people along the way. 

In 2018, I wanted to try something new so worked at a Market Research company. I could still put my psychology skills into action to understand consumer behaviour and create actionable insights. 

Following a previous internship at Tag Digital, Laura, CEO, reached out about a vacancy as Marketing Executive. More than 4 years on and I’m still here, but now as Senior Marketing Manager. I love working at Tag, with the best team.

What attracted you to working at Tag Digital?

During my internship at Tag Digital, I had been immediately captivated by the company’s mission, the infectious positivity of its team and the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. When I was offered a full-time role, I jumped at the chance to be part of a rapidly growing, forward-thinking company.

How long have you worked at Tag Digital?

I have worked at Tag Digital for just over 4 years, which has gone crazy fast. We have come so far in that time. The team has grown from 12 when I started, to almost 40 now!

What does your role as Senior Marketing Manager entail?

There is so much variety in my role, so this is a hard question. 

At a very top level, I work with my team to promote Tag Digital’s products and services. I work closely with the rest of the marketing team to build our marketing strategy, create the content, push it out across organic and paid social. We also exhibit at events globally, run email marketing campaigns, write blogs, create podcasts and even host our own events. 

There is always lots going on, but there is freedom within my role to trial content and find out what is most valuable to our audience and clients. I have also championed our CRM system and continue to work to streamline our processes to boost sales and support our goal to provide an 11* customer experience.

What do you enjoy most about working at Tag Digital?

There are a few things I enjoy most about working here!

I love organising and hosting our own events, and of course travelling. In March 2022, we launched DigitX, on-site at Expo 2020 in Dubai. This was an unforgettable experience. I was extremely proud to have helped the team bring this concept to life. We have since then gone on to host DigitX in New York, and have DigitX London to look forward to in November 2023. Watch this space!

It sounds so cliche but the team is second to none. We are all good friends, which makes you look forward to coming to work. Everyone works hard and wants to learn every day, but we are also always keen to have a good time together – whether that’s doing a Tough Mudder (!), Friday socials or table tennis tournaments. There is always something fun going on.

I also love being part of the Tag Digital Wellbeing Team. As the physical wellbeing champion at Tag, I aim to support the team by creating fun, engaging and realistic ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The ultimate goal is to create the happiest, healthiest and smartest team in the world, making it core to all the decisions we make.

What is the best thing you have learned since working at Tag Digital?

How to plan and execute an event! I still have a LOT to learn, but it has been so much fun. There are so many aspects to consider that you don’t realise the first time around. I definitely have even more sympathy and respect for our clients now I know what it feels like to be in their shoes!

I have also hosted over 50 episodes of the Tag Digital podcast, which is something I would never have expected to have the opportunity to be part of. I love that I learn something new every time and have a good laugh at the same time.

Tag Digital provides opportunities to learn every day, which I am so grateful for. The team are so knowledgable, and we always push each other to be the best that we can be.

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15 June 2023