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Spotlight on Beth – Paid Social Manager

Tag Digital Team Spotlight

Beth joined Tag Digital in September 2022, she has progressed into her role as Paid Social Manager.

Keep reading to see what Beth has to say about her career journey so far…

What did you do before working at Tag Digital?

I was a fresh graduate from the University of Glasgow when I joined Tag so this is my first job after university. 

Whilst at uni I worked at Five Guys where I was a supervisor and in my final year there I got the opportunity to be a TikTok brand ambassador making me their first in the world. 

It was the role of TikTok brand ambassador that solidified my desire to have a job in the world of social media and marketing.

What attracted you to working at Tag Digital?

I did a lot of research into agencies in Glasgow and found Tag Digital to be a clear standout, looking at their online presence and case studies on the website made it look like a fun agency where lots of opportunities would be available. 

When my recruiter told me I had an interview I was very excited!

How long have you worked at Tag Digital?

Just under two years (it will be two years in September!)

What is your role at Tag Digital? How have you progressed since you started?

I am currently a Paid Social Manager but began in the company as a Paid Social Executive. 

I owe all of my digital marketing knowledge to Tag Digital and feel very lucky that I landed in an agency where they view the learning and development of their employees as very important. 

When I began at Tag I had a degree in history and only little experience in this field, having a brief insight due to my role as Five Guys TikTok brand ambassador. 

However, I was keen to learn and I think my development from executive to manager in just over a year at the agency with the little experience I had speaks volumes for how effective their training is.

What does your role as Paid Social Manager entail?

I manage paid social campaigns across a range of clients from all over the world from the UK, to the USA to the Middle East. This includes a number of different tasks from building the campaigns, having regular meetings with clients, managing budgets and applying optimisations to the live campaigns. 

We are also greatly encouraged to step outwith our daily roles and take part in innovation projects we are passionate about. This really helps us to develop new skills and challenge ourselves. 

Recently I have been given the opportunity to assist in leading the social teams monthly innovation hub where we come together as a team and explore different innovations that have been introduced to the platforms. This is lots of fun!

What do you enjoy most about working at Tag Digital?

The people are what makes work so great! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and no question is ever viewed as silly which really helps with learning and development. 

I feel really lucky working here surrounded by such a great team who make the work day feel so easy and have made genuine friendships!

What is the best thing you have learned since working at Tag Digital?

Since joining Tag I have been forced out of my comfort zone on multiple occasions from public speaking, to challenging innovation projects to learning new platforms that I had little to no experience on. 

At the start I found this hard but I’m thankful now that I have been put in these positions because it has taught me that stepping out of your comfort zone is essential for growth and should be looked at as a new exciting experience.

What is a standout moment in your career so far?

I’ve had so many stand-out moments since joining Tag but one of the main ones was creating Tag Digital’s AI guide Phoenix. 

This was a long and challenging process that forced me to step outside my comfort zone. I take a lot of pride in what I have created and how it has helped to streamline the onboarding process and is an experience I won’t forget. 

It has also led to other stand-out moments of my career such as my first public speaking opportunity at Hyble where I was able to present Phoenix to a whole new company and also share insight into how AI can be incorporated into the daily workflow.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

I love that we work with a range of clients which gives us the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. This also means that no event we run is ever the exact same to others making the workload more versatile and exciting. 

As mentioned before I also love that we get the opportunity to step out with our regular tasks and take part in innovation projects that allow us to explore projects we have passion for. 

For example, at the beginning of the year I completed my innovation project by creating Tag Digital’s AI guide Phoenix. This was a challenging but extremely rewarding experience.

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