Managing and planning events is stressful enough without trying to keep up with the rapidly evolving PPC landscape. Our four-stage sprint model ensures an effective and harmonious process.

We live and breathe events. We know the strategies that deliver. We will design and execute a digital strategy covering search, social, video and programmatic. Tag Digital will work as your digital marketing team, utilizing the latest innovation across all ad platforms with machine learning and early betas.


Our search team helps you reach a new audience. We develop a search strategy that targets users most likely to convert and build an audience for each stage of the marketing funnel. 

We constantly uncover new insights and data to develop our strategy and achieve the lowest possible cost per acquisition on both Google and Microsoft.


Paid social is a powerful way to engage with your existing data and uncover new insights. 

Our paid social team will deliver conversions by building campaigns to find your audience on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.


Our team finds your new users using keywords, affinity audiences and custom audiences. We manage those placements while constantly developing data to drive conversions. To make every click count, we focus on conversions over impressions, using Google Display Network (GDN), media buying or programmatic marketing.


We offer video production as well as video advertising to ensure your ads deliver for you on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Need video content? Check out our one-week turnaround service.