Our process

Managing and planning events is stressful enough without trying to keep up with the rapidly evolving PPC landscape. Our four-stage sprint model ensures an effective and harmonious process.

We run 100,000 event PPC campaigns every year for clients looking to maximize their investment and make their event a success. Whether we’re designing a client’s campaign from scratch, or auditing an existing set-up, we optimize conversion using our simple four-stage sprint process.

1 Onboarding

Our team works with you to either define your audience and messaging or audit your current set-up, before creating a media plan and setting-up your project.

2 Campaign Build

Once all assets and tracking are in place, our team provides you with a fully-built campaign for search, social, video or display designed to optimize conversion. We’ll write all the copy, set-up your audiences and set your campaign live.

3 The Campaign

Once live, our team constantly assesses performance to deliver a dynamic, data-driven, results-focused campaign.  Your dedicated account manager will provide regular performance updates throughout.

4 Reporting

Two weeks after your event, we’ll share a report full of insights from your campaign and recommendations for your next one. 

We’re proud of our client retention rate of 97%. We’re sure you’ll be pleased with the results Tag can deliver for you.