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[Podcast] Episode 3: How to Use Visitor Promotion Campaigns to Successfully Market Your Event

Episode 3 of The Tag Digital Event Marketing Podcast Series – Squadcast.

In episode 3 of The Tag Digital Squadcast, Jonny and Jamie deep dive into how visitor promotion (VisProm) campaigns differ to any other campaign types and provide key tips for planning and developing your own VisProm strategy to ensure event success.

Just in case you missed them:

Episode 1: What Makes Event PPC Marketing Different?

Episode 2: Exhibitor Promotion Strategies You Need to Know For Your Event

Listen to Episode 3 to Learn More About:

  • How long you should run a VisProm campaign for
  • How your event marketing approach should differ for free or paid events
  • Other campaigns that you should or shouldn’t run at the same time as VisProm 
  • Best practice for running VisProm campaigns.

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