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How digital marketing for events will change: predictions for 2020

To help organisers and marketers prepare for what’s next, Tag Digital shares several predictions for the future of digital marketing for events.

It wasn’t that long ago when futuristic digital marketing concepts like artificial intelligence and machine learning seemed completely far-fetched. But times are changing, and fast.

With digital marketing moving fast, and it becoming harder to predict consumers’ next interests and behaviours, marketers have to keep evolving their strategies and tactics too. 

To help organisers and marketers prepare for what’s next, here are several predictions for the future of digital marketing for events this year from the Tag Digital team. 

Machine Learning Boosts Ad Performance

Google continues to evolve their smart bidding strategies portfolio including tCPA (Target CPA), in addition to maximise conversions with the “maximise conversion value” bid strategy. Leveraging automation technology trends, maximise conversion value bidding uses intelligent machine learning to optimise PPC campaigns for the greatest conversion value within your target budget.

“For 2020 we are excited to see continued performance improvements as a result of machine learning. From smart bidding to responsive creative formats, machine learning will help organisers achieve the greatest conversion value based on budget and maximise paid media budgets.”

Laura Davidson, Director at Tag Digital

Dollars Shift to Online Video Advertising

Online video viewing has been hot — and it’s only getting hotter. It’s estimated that people will spend more daily minutes watching video over the next few years than ever before.

Alex Velinov, Head of PPC at Tag Digital, says video will be a crucial part of the marketing strategy for event organisers and marketers in the coming year. “Not only will more advertisers invest in online video ads to drive engagement, but I predict there will also be a shift in budget from traditional TV to digital marketing channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.”

As Instagram and Snapchat Story formats continue to heat up too, Alex also predicts a slight shift from digital marketing strategies like search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimisation (SEO) to online video marketing.

“Video ads are a win-win. Not only are they extremely cost-effective to produce, but they also generate more engagement than photos alone.” 

Alex Velinov, Head of PPC at Tag Digital

Smarter Targeting and Segmentation Adds More Value

Ashley Hamilton, Senior PPC Specialist at Tag Digital, explains that in 2019, there was a big focus on strategically speaking to event prospects as they moved along the decision-making path. 

In 2020, Ashley says, this will be enhanced even further with better audience segmentation and options across platforms.

“More audience targeting and better segmentation increases personalisation, which helps organisers and marketers deliver relevant messages at each stage of the funnel and drive higher conversions and registrations.”

Ashley Hamilton, Senior PPC Specialist at Tag Digital

Alex sums up the impact of these predictions on the year year ahead. “With better measurement and attribution solutions across all digital marketing platforms combined with machine learning, we will be able to create unique marketing funnels on the user-level — highly segmented to micro audiences for an extremely personalised experience across all digital channels.”

Do you need help understanding how to incorporate these predictions with your event digital marketing campaigns? Or maybe you want to incorporate a proven strategy that grows events by up to 30 percent to your existing efforts? 

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