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Introducing Phoenix: Tag Digital’s AI Guide

Introducing Phoenix: Tag Digital’s AI Guide

Written by Beth Tees, Paid Social Manager

Who is Phoenix?

Phoenix is Tag Digital’s AI guide, a creation entirely born from AI software. She currently has 11 videos that aim to make the onboarding process for clients more straightforward.

From her words to her appearance, and even her name, every aspect of Phoenix has been meticulously crafted through an AI-driven process. The creative process spanned three months to achieve the final, polished product.

We’ll let Phoenix introduce herself…

How are we streamlining our process with AI?

Tag Digital recognises the increasing importance of AI in business, with many companies seeking ways to integrate it into their everyday operations. This strategy isn’t to depend entirely on AI for workflow management but rather to use it as a collaborative tool to improve our services and processes.

We’ve already begun incorporating AI into our operations to boost our efficiency. Starting with smaller tasks, but we’re now exploring how to further integrate AI into our broader workflow.

This was taken into consideration when creating Phoenix. Throughout the development, we carefully recorded every step so that the team could refer to the process when working on similar projects in the future. 

A significant part of this documentation was engineering a flexible prompt to script Phoenix’s dialogues, adaptable for various projects. This means we can easily adjust a standard prompt for different tasks instead of creating a new one each time, making our AI processes more efficient.

Using AI more comprehensively in our day-to-day work will streamline our operations and enhance client interactions.

For example, Phoenix’s onboarding videos reduce the need for numerous meetings and provide clients with a lasting reference for their campaigns.

This approach shows our dedication to using AI to achieve better efficiency and client satisfaction.

Why did we create Phoenix?

We’ve observed that clients often ask similar questions during certain stages of the onboarding process, for example, how to use Basecamp, our communication platform between clients and our team.

This repetition has resulted in extra steps, such as scheduling more calls. Recognising the pattern of these recurring inquiries and the resulting need for additional steps, we realised the importance of finding a solution.

Our goal was to make the onboarding process smoother for our clients and to use both our time and theirs more effectively.

What was the process?

The development of Phoenix involved four key stages: selecting video topics, generating her script, producing the videos, and ultimately releasing them on Basecamp.

Crafting the script prompt posed a significant challenge. We wanted to ensure the prompt was versatile, not just for Phoenix’s script but also adaptable for various project types.

Achieving this required extensive trial and error to perfect. This process also deepened our understanding of the platform, especially the crucial details and structure of prompts needed for precise and relevant outcomes.

A standout moment in this journey was witnessing the completion of the first video. It was thrilling to see weeks of work come together in a final video that was ready to be shared with the rest of the team and our clients.

What can Phoenix do?

Currently, Phoenix has been used to produce 11 onboarding videos, aimed at making our client onboarding process more streamlined.

However, Phoenix’s capabilities extend far beyond just this area and she could be used for a variety of projects such as producing content for our social media.

The process of making the 11 onboarding videos has been documented in a detailed guide, providing step-by-step instructions on the project execution.

This resource is a valuable tool for our wider team, allowing them to understand the process and potentially create additional, relevant videos with Phoenix to streamline various segments of our workflow. 

At Tag Digital, innovation is at the forefront of what we do, our team completed a total of 41 innovation projects in 2023 including our new AI Guide, Phoenix.

We strive to ensure our processes are efficient by streamlining our day to day workflow with the latest innovations and AI to support our teams success.

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