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Integrating Your CRM System with Paid Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Integrating Your CRM System with Paid Social Media Marketing Campaigns 

What is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system?

A CRM system helps event organisers manage customer data and nurture leads. Event marketers can retrieve and track leads and prospects in the CRM system through integration with your social media marketing across LinkedIn and Facebook. A CRM supports an integrated marketing approach, acting as a bridge between your database and paid advertising platforms. 

4 key benefits of linking your CRM system with your social media marketing

No more spreadsheets

Linking your CRM with your social ads removes the hassle of manual lead downloads, avoids the use of more unnecessary spreadsheets and instead pulls leads straight into the database. 

Easily evaluate lead quality 

New leads will be immediately available to access and manage through your CRM software automatically and in real-time. This allows you to easily evaluate lead quality and make necessary adjustments to the campaigns to improve targeting and performance. 

Streamline your processes 

Marketing automation through the CRM system helps you to streamline your processes and execute your marketing campaigns efficiently. Event organisers are easily able to measure and track marketing campaigns, as well as assess if it is worthwhile running the campaign again in the future. 

Nurture leads through the sales process

As leads are automatically pulled into the CRM system from the paid social media ads, your marketing and sales teams can use marketing automation to nurture their high-quality leads through to final conversion (dependent on your objectives). Linking your paid social campaigns with your CRM system ensures that all leads generated are followed up in a timely manner, which can yield a higher conversion rate. In general, the quicker contact is made with potential leads, the more likely the lead will convert and become a customer.

Integrating Facebook and LinkedIn with your CRM

Both Facebook and LinkedIn have partnered with a variety of third-party providers to integrate your Lead Generation forms with the CRM partner of your choice. Facebook and LinkedIn vary slightly in the user permissions required when integrating with a CRM system/third-party platform. Facebook and LinkedIn do both require the user to have top-level access when syncing with the third-party platform.

tracking social media marketing campaigns in Hubspot CRM System
Example view of overall ad performance in the Hubspot CRM system

Source: Hubspot


Facebook has over 360 available CRM systems for lead generation ads including HubSpot, Salesforce and Eloqua. Each CRM platform differs slightly in its set-up, but once integrated with the preferred software, you can automatically leverage the communication channels and systems set up to maximise the value of the leads you collect. Your team member responsible for syncing the CRM platform must have Page Admin access to the Facebook page and Facebook Ad Account that the lead generation campaign will fire on. 

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LinkedIn integrates with just twelve different CRM systems including Eloqua, HubSpot, Salesforce and Zapier. It is important to note that not all CRM partners support all fields within a Lead Generation form on LinkedIn. Some CRM systems do not support Lead Gen Form member profile URL link fields, hidden fields, or custom checkboxes and have a maximum of three custom questions.

When integrating the CRM software, you must have Page Admin access to the LinkedIn Business Page and either Viewer, Creative Manager or Campaign/Account Manager access to Campaign Manager. From our experience, the higher the level of permission, the easier it is to sync the form.

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Top tip:  We recommend setting up the Lead Generation form before syncing with your CRM system. Double check the form represents the exact questions and information you want to collect from the user. If you edit the lead card whilst it is still in draft and the lead form is already synced, the changes need to be made to your market automation platform to ensure the test leads sync successfully. On Facebook, making changes once the form is published involves duplicating the lead form and re-syncing the form entirely! 

Integrating your social media marketing campaigns with your CRM system will create a streamlined process that is faster and more efficient by eliminating repetitive tasks and ensuring effective lead nurturing through the sales process. 

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Author: Jess Mowatt

Edits by Stephanie Bruce

14 July 2021