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Webinar: How to use paid advertising to reach new event audiences

As an event organiser or marketer, your competition has grown exponentially.

Laura Davidson, Director at Tag Digital, talks to Dahlia El Gazzar, tech evangelist, DAHLIA+ Agency. Watch our latest webinar to learn more about how to use paid advertising to reach new event audiences.

If you missed it, watch the webinar here:

Learn how to promote your event to the right audience at the right time, convert them to registered attendees and keep them engaged to ensure they come to the event. 

Here’s why you need to know more about Event PPC campaigns:

– PPC delivers exceptional ROI for your events
– The cost per acquisition is easy to measure (unlike most other marketing channels)
– You can convert and get more attendees.
– Understand how to make Facebook, Bing, Google, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn work for your event 

Learn what is new in the world of paid media across search, social, video and display for events. Not only delve into what is new but also consider what is not new that you should include in your 2020 event marketing plans. Uncover the most effective way to target competitors, how machine learning can power your campaigns, and see what other organisers are doing to drive over a 30% increase in attendees and exhibitors through event PPC marketing.

Moderator: Dahlia El Gazzar
Featured Speaker: Laura Davidson, Director, Tag Digital

If you missed it, watch the webinar here: