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Google Analytics 4 Live Session Summary

What you need to know and why you should act now

Google recently announced:

“We will begin sunsetting Universal Analytics — the previous generation of Analytics — next year. All standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits on July 1, 2023“.

Alex Velinov, Chief Technology Officer at Tag Digital, shared more information on what’s new, what you need to know, and why you really need to act now to prepare for the not so distant future of Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

Don’t worry if you missed our live session as we have summarised the most important bits below.

Live session summary:

What is Google Anaytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 is a new analytics service, with several advantages over Universal Analytics; it is privacy focused, uses machine learning to unearth insights about the customer journey, and it provides seamless integrations with Google’s advertising platforms.

Why do you need GA4?

  • Customer-centric measurement – Measuring, unifying, and de-duplicating the interactions your users have across their devices and platforms — Website and app
  • Adapts with the changing privacy landscape — Analytics platform is designed with privacy in mind. GA4 was designed to work in a future with or without cookies. Although first-party cookies are still used for tracking, companies can use their own User IDs and an integration with Google Signals for user identification.
  • This is the future – After October 2023, you’ll be able to access your previously processed data in Universal Analytics for at least six months. You should set up your GA4 right now to ensure you are collecting data ASAP

What’s next?

  • Audit your current Universal Analytics account set up and what exactly you need to track
  • Set new GA4 property and start collecting data ASAP
  • You need to set up/migrate all that you have already set in Universal Analytics
  • You need to start using GA4
  • Archive Universal Analytics data

Do you need support to set up Google Analytics 4 right now?

Tag Digital is offering support with the following:

  • Setting up GA4 property and applying all best practices 
  • Setting up events for tracking based on your needs
  • Set up / Migrate goals tracking
  • Set up / Migrate audiences
  • Linking GA4 with all platforms you need
  • Set up reports
  • Initial user management
  • GA4 team training

Get support with your Google Analytics 4 account today:

Watch the replay of our 30 minute live session below:

20 June 2022