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Let’s Talk About Geofencing

As live events are returning, so are our live event marketing strategies.

Geofencing is a great way to take advantage of the physicality of live events and maximise the exposure here.

Any in-person location that might be of interest to our clients can be targeted. Through using various technologies based on people and location based marketing, we can reach over 1 billion users per month globally. Pre-set and custom locations down to 1 metre radius can be used to ensure that you are using the most accurate location targeting.

We can run ads programmatically to these users based on where they will be and also after they leave the event, controlling performance based on impressions, clicks or conversions.

geofencing as part of your event marketing strategy

Some ideas for how to use geofencing:

  • You have a live event coming up and you want to sell out the advertising space at the event to your sponsors and competitors. This is a great way to provide additional exposure at the event and give your sponsors deeper engagement with your audience.
  • You have various competitor events coming up and would be interested in reaching their audience.
  • There are key areas in a city such as universities, sports arenas, retail areas or anywhere else that may be of interest to you.
  • You want to reach the audience in the days after an event – generally 30 days post show.

Pricing is on a CPM basis and generally a low cost way to advertise, include in your briefing notes that you are interested in geofencing and our team will set this up for you.

Please reach out to discuss more and how we can support your geofencing requirements for your event marketing strategies.

27 April 2021