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Generate Revenue from Your Gathered Data Through Audience Extension

Generate Revenue from Your Gathered Data Through Audience Extension

What are the problems event sales teams face right now?

  • Struggling to generate revenue as no live event happening
  • Building Leads & Prospects 
  • Maintaining a connection with their clients
  • Understanding & Selling Digital
  • Identifying new opportunities 

Audience Extension connects exhibitors with their target audience, by sending traffic to your exhibitors’ websites, using existing data, for example previous show visitors. You can ensure high-quality audience exposure for your clients and generate a strong return on investment, purely through digital.

What is Audience Extension?

This is a strong revenue generating digital offering, that includes ad creative, landing pages and tracking as well as a live dashboard for reporting.  Quick to set up and a profitable year round offering. 

Audience Extension is powered by machine learning built to serve your message to the right audience. Unlike traditional tactics of email, direct mail, print, SEO & organic posting, where you just hope it will. 

What are the benefits of Audience Extension?

  • Strong source of additional revenue
  • Allows your exhibitors to connect with your audience year round
  • Scale across all your exhibitors to drive digital revenue
  • Leverage your web audience via remarketing, 1st party and lookalike audiences
  • Remarketing Lists are up to 540 days – use this to advertise year round  
  • Ensure high quality audience exposure for your clients
  • Simple reporting makes it easy to scale  

What have our clients said?

“We have been very impressed with the performance of this campaign and also the seamless and turnkey set up and execution process involved. This test has proved that we have a highly monetizable resource in our existing data sets that can be leveraged on behalf of our clients, which does not require us to allocate any more resources than the cost of sale. The click-through ratio, level of overall engagement and sheer number of leads generated are very impressive indeed!”

Hugh Jamieson, Director of Business Development, Informa Markets
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9th December 2020