What we do

Event PPC campaigns are highly trackable, and can pin-point exactly how much it costs to acquire one attendee or sponsor. Use PPC campaigns to promote and advertise your event to an untapped audience searching for information that your event provides.

We help event organisers reach their goals using paid media. Combining search, programmatic, social and video advertising to increase attendance and revenue supported by data and machine learning. Our highly skilled team uses various ad platforms along with benchmarking, automation and great customer service to deliver:

Exhibitor & Sponsor Leads

Revenue is often driven through your exhibitors and sponsors,  we help you craft the perfect campaign to generate the right type of customer to achieve commercial success.  Generating high value leads through various channels.  Exhibitor campaigns can be year round as part of data building or as a minimum 6 months from the event.

Attendee Campaigns

Successful events need attendees .. whether that is virtual or live we can help drive 30-40% of those attendees through digital.   Typically for live events visitor campaigns start from 12 weeks out, and for virtual this is around 6 weeks.   We use lots of different audiences and targeting alongside stand out creative and a strong campaign structure to ensure we hit the big numbers.


Ultimately our clients need an engaged community of users through first party data – using content, online platforms, directories and other assets we support our clients to build high quality data that they can nurture and bring into their community.


Online learning and courses is more important than ever, we work with organisers to build data and support their clients with relevant learning and training opportunities. On average our training campaigns deliver 400% ROI and also create data that can be used to support similar events.


Relevant industry content ensures your audience remains engaged year round.  Whether this is free or paid we can build campaigns to drive users to register and utilise the content you have created.

Audience Extension

A great way to monetise your existing audience is through audience extension, this is a tool that allows organizers to utilise their existing data sets and sell these onto their clients as digital sponsorship.

If live events aren’t happening it means that your clients can still get in front of the audience they want exposure to.

It’s common to support our organisers on various other objectives such as speaker attraction, awards entries or webinar attendance – ultimately our clients need to build a community of engaged users and we are there to help.

Creative Service

Tag Digital is now offering a creative best practice service that offers the best performing event creatives to support your online marketing campaigns.