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Event PPC campaigns are highly trackable, and can pin-point exactly how much it costs to acquire one attendee or sponsor. Use PPC campaigns to promote and advertise your event to an untapped audience searching for information that your event provides.

Getting Started with Event PPC

If you’re new to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, we’ll start by defining your audience and messaging before building strategic and highly effective campaigns across search, social, display and video. Or if you’ve used the channel for years, we audit your existing setup to further optimise conversion and maximise every dollar you spend.


With the importance of search in reaching new audiences, our event PPC campaign builds begin with developing an effective search strategy that allows us to target users likely to convert. Our search strategies uncover new insights and data, which are used to develop additional search strategies and predict potential results. Our strategies are also designed to achieve the lowest possible cost per acquisition!


We use a multitude of targeting across interests, jobs, demographics, income level, seniority, competitors, show sectors, and a selection of ad formats best suited to placement on Instagram or mobile to reach new audiences on social media.
We also provide advice on the best social channel mix, budget allocation and projected results depending on your sector or event.


Display is how we drive new users and data.
We build layered campaigns using keywords, affinity audiences and custom audiences, and manage those placements to drive conversions. To maximise your investment and make every click count, we stress conversions over impressions. Whether you require Google Display Network (GDN), bespoke media buying or programmatic, we provide advice on the highest ROI option.


YouTube campaigns, Facebook video and Instagram stories are some of the fastest-growing and cost-effective PPC ad strategies. With low cost per acquisition video, we work with you to optimise video as part of your overall event PPC campaign.

Google Tag Management

As part of our set-up, we offer an inclusive Tag Management service through Google Tag Manager. We take responsibility of tag set up across all platforms, giving you the confidence that your campaign is reporting properly so you can track campaign ROI.

Video Production

Online video advertising is a cost-efficient and exciting form of content to promote your upcoming show. Video ads are effective for increasing engagement and building new audiences for your events.

Video Brochure