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Event Marketing Tools: 4 Benefits Of Using In-Platform Lead Generation Forms

Event Marketing Tools: 4 Benefits Of Using In-Platform Lead Generation Forms

Author: Farisai Mukonoweshuro. 4th June 2020

With so much competition in the market, advertisers, marketers, and brands are always looking for the next best thing. Lead generation forms (also known as lead gen forms or instant forms) have been used by companies as a key marketing tool for years, however in-platform lead gen forms might be an event marketing tool that you have been missing out on!

What are in-platform lead generation forms?

An in-platform lead gen form is a type of web form that is used to capture key information about your customers. They generally tend to include a document that the customer can download, for example an entry guide or key insights report, or a link back to your website to give the user more information

An event marketing tool: in-platform lead generation form

If you are looking to generate leads for your event, in-platform lead gen forms could be a key marketing tool for you to use. Lead gen forms can be implemented on major advertising platforms including Facebook, Instagram (through Facebook advertising) and LinkedIn. The forms can be added to regular ads such as image ads, video ads, carousel ads and LinkedIn InMail ads.

Based on data we have from over 100,000 campaigns that we have run, lead gen forms have been shown to work particularly well for businesses operating within the following industries:

  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • Business Development

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Four benefits of using in-platform lead generation forms for event marketing
  1. Convenient

In-platform lead gen forms are convenient for the user as their information is often pre-populated (based on their own social media profile). The user also doesn’t need to leave the platform to fill out the form, which can result in higher form open and completion rates

2. Optimised for mobile platforms

In-platform lead gen forms are already optimised for mobile devices which is crucial as 69% of digital media time is spent on mobile phones, so you can be confident that the form will be visually pleasing and user friendly for your target market

3. Collect leads instantly

Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to connect CRM platforms so your leads can be collected automatically. Leads can also be easily downloaded as csv or .xlsx files through the various platforms 

4. Gather key information

With in-platform lead gen forms, the advertiser has the ability to create custom fields allowing you to gather vital information you need from your target market. Advertisers then have the opportunity to use this data for future campaigns.

Here is an example of the information you can gather by using an in-platform lead generation form:

lead-generation form profile information

In-platform lead generation forms are an in-expensive event marketing tool used to gather information from your target audience and drive your event registrations, whether that’s visitors, exhibitors, delegates or sponsors! 

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