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#72 – Behind the Scenes of SURREAL’s Marketing with Brand Manager, Ruth Tyrie

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In this episode, we feature Ruth Tyrie, the Brand Manager of SURREAL, a leading cereal brand that combines health, innovation, and humour.

SURREAL is dedicated to making nutritious eating fun and appealing, with a strong emphasis on community engagement and creative marketing strategies.

The discussion delves into Ruth’s journey with SURREAL, her extensive background in the food and beverage industry, and the brand’s unique and successful marketing approaches.

Listeners will also discover Ruth’s personal interests, including her passion for marathons and “adult PE” (also known as Hyrox training and F45!)

Key Topics:

  • The Impact of Creative Marketing on Brand Visibility
  • Ruth’s Career Journey and Personal Interests
  • Successful Brand Partnerships
  • Future Goals and Innovations at SURREAL

SURREAL’s Creative Marketing Strategies

SURREAL has made a significant impact on platforms like LinkedIn through its creative and fun marketing campaigns.

Ruth acknowledges the senior creative, John, who is known as the “LinkedIn wizard,” for his humorous and engaging social media posts.

These campaigns have not only increased visibility but also garnered positive reactions from the audience, making SURREAL a standout brand in a competitive market.

For instance, Ruth mentions that people often comment on how refreshing and enjoyable their content is compared to the typical business-centric posts on LinkedIn.

The success of these campaigns is evident in their high engagement rates and the growing number of followers.

“We were thrilled when we hit 2,000 followers, and now we’ve surpassed 60,000 without even realising it,” Ruth shares.

Ruth’s Career Journey and Personal Interests

Ruth’s career journey is as dynamic and interesting as SURREAL’s marketing strategies.

She has a background in the food and beverage industry, specifically within the protein niche. Starting at a property investment firm, Ruth quickly realised her passion lay elsewhere.

Her transition to the food and beverage sector began with an exciting opportunity at a protein brand and eventually led her to join SURREAL as the first employee.

Ruth’s personal life is equally vibrant; she has completed three marathons in the past year and is actively involved in F45 and Hyrox training.

These personal achievements not only reflect her dedication but also influence her professional role, adding a layer of authenticity to her engagement with fitness-related brand partnerships.

“Running marathons is not just about fitness; it’s about the incredible feeling of people cheering for you and the sense of accomplishment,” Ruth remarks.

SURREAL’s Successful Brand Partnerships

SURREAL’s approach to brand partnerships is both innovative and diverse.

Ruth discusses how the brand collaborates with various companies, from condom brands to gym companies, to create memorable and impactful campaigns.

These partnerships often start with a creative idea that aligns with SURREAL’s tone of voice.

For example, their Valentine’s Day campaign with a condom brand featured the slogans “good for spooning, good for forking,” which was both humorous and attention-grabbing.

Another notable campaign, “Biggest Names,” involved finding everyday people with celebrity names to endorse the cereal, leading to significant engagement and even a few cease-and-desist letters.

“We had a Serena Williams, a Dwayne Johnson, a Ronaldo, and a Michael Jordan, all endorsing our cereal. It was a huge success,” Ruth recalls.

Future Goals and Innovations at SURREAL

Looking ahead, SURREAL aims to continue innovating with new flavors and creative marketing strategies.

Ruth shares her personal goal of creating a memorable TV ad, akin to the iconic campaigns of brands like Compare the Market and Cadbury.

The team is also focused on expanding their product offerings and exploring new brand partnerships to maintain their unique market position.

SURREAL’s future plans include leveraging the data from their direct-to-consumer sales to improve their products and cater to customer preferences.

“We’re always looking to learn and innovate based on the feedback we receive,” Ruth explains.

With a strong foundation in the UK, SURREAL is poised for further growth and possibly international expansion in the future.


SURREAL’s journey from a small team to a well-known brand is a testament to the power of creativity and innovation in marketing.

Ruth’s passion for her work and her dedication to the brand are evident in every aspect of her role.

As SURREAL continues to grow and explore new opportunities, it remains committed to making nutritious eating fun and engaging for everyone.

The brand’s future looks bright, with exciting new flavours, potential TV ads, and continued success in creative partnerships on the horizon.

Listen to the full episode now on Spotify | Apple Podcasts | YouTube