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#71 – Revolutionising our Business with AI: Tag Digital’s Success Journey


In this podcast, we delve into the transformative journey of integrating AI and automation across various business functions at Tag Digital.

Over the past few years, the team has diligently worked on enhancing finance, marketing, sales, and operations through innovative AI strategies.

This episode features insights from multiple team members, showcasing their unique projects, challenges, and the impactful results achieved.

It’s a comprehensive guide for businesses looking to start or advance their AI initiatives, offering practical use cases and lessons learned along the way.

Key Topics

  • AI and Automation Efficiency in Social Media Campaigns
  • AI and Automation Efficiency in Finance
  • Enhancing Sales Processes with AI
  • Streamlining Operations with AI
  • AI-Driven Marketing Innovations
  • AI and Automation Efficiency in Creative Projects
  • AI and Automation Efficiency in Paid Media

AI and Automation Efficiency in Social Media Campaigns

Beth, a Paid Social Manager at Tag Digital, discusses the challenges in setting up social media campaigns and how AI has streamlined processes.

One significant issue was the back-and-forth communication with clients regarding access to ad accounts and media plans.

To address this, Beth developed the AI Guide Phoenix, an avatar driven by AI to assist with common queries and reduce the need for additional client calls.

This innovation has significantly reduced communication time, allowing the team to focus more on campaign building.

The introduction of Phoenix has led to more efficient use of time for both the team and their clients, marking a successful integration of AI in the social media management process.

“We’ve seen Phoenix start to help reduce the comms, which means we’re able to focus more on building our campaigns for our clients.” – Beth

AI and Automation Efficiency in Finance

Sagar, Financial Controller, highlights the use of AI and automation in making the finance team’s work more efficient.

By leveraging tools like chat GPT and Excel, they have created more efficient financial models and scripts, significantly reducing manual work.

One notable innovation is the automation of client invoicing, which has saved considerable time and ensured accuracy.

Additionally, AI helps in reconciling paid media costs, ensuring accurate tracking and billing.

These advancements have not only improved efficiency but also provided greater accuracy and comfort in financial operations.

“We’ve gone from spending a day consolidating multiple entities to just five or ten minutes glancing over it.” – Sagar

Enhancing Sales Processes with AI

The sales team at Tag has utilised AI to speed up the proposal process and ensure accuracy in media planning.

By integrating customer inquiries directly into their deal pipeline via HubSpot and Slack, they can allocate projects more quickly.

AI-driven data benchmarking helps in setting accurate targets for media plans, factoring in various variables like cost per click and competitors’ activities.

This has led to faster proposal turnaround times and improved conversion rates. The team also uses AI for account development, researching potential events for clients more efficiently.

“AI has really helped us to get proposals out faster, convert more proposals, and share information across our teams more accurately.” – Laura, CEO

Streamlining Operations with AI

The operations team has embraced AI for various tasks, from creating ad copy to benchmarking and generating insights.

Custom GPT models have been developed to generate multiple ad copy variations, reducing ad fatigue and increasing efficiency.

AI tools have also been used to automate the benchmarking process, drastically cutting down the time required to gather and analyse data.

These innovations have allowed the team to focus more on strategy and less on repetitive tasks, enhancing overall productivity.

“AI has cut down the time for writing ad copy from four or five hours to less than an hour.” – Operations Team

AI-Driven Marketing Innovations

The marketing team, led by Gemma, has leveraged AI to overcome time and resource constraints.

By creating a content repurposing matrix, they can transform webinars and podcasts into written content quickly and efficiently.

This has saved them hundreds of hours and allowed for greater visibility across platforms.

The team is also exploring AI-generated videos and audio from written content, aiming to make their marketing materials more accessible.

Embracing generative AI for creative tasks has significantly boosted their output and creativity.

“AI helps us reach our marketing goals by saving us hundreds of hours and allowing us to create content at a much larger scale.” – Gemma, Marketing Executive

AI and Automation Efficiency in Creative Projects

Drew, a member of the paid social team, discusses his involvement with the Gen.AI creative team.

They have used AI tools like Mid Journey to create unique and eye-catching banners for clients.

This innovation has allowed them to produce high-quality creative content that resonates well with audiences.

Drew is also excited about future projects, including AI-generated audio ads, which aim to make advertisements more engaging and less intrusive for listeners.

“The sky is the limit for what we can build and what we can visually create with these tools.” – Drew, Paid Social Manager

AI and Automation Efficiency in Paid Media

Charlotte, Paid Social Team Lead, highlights the success of using generative AI banners in a campaign for Automechanika, an automotive event in Dubai.

The use of AI-created banners led to a significant increase in ticket purchases and engagement.

Charlotte is excited about future advancements in AI for creative tasks and how it can further enhance their campaigns.

“76% of total ticket purchases came from the Gen.AI banners, showing they really resonated with the audience.” – Charlotte, Paid Social Team Lead

AI Strategy and Future Prospects

Alex, the CTO, elaborates on Tag Digital’s overarching AI strategy.

The goal is to empower all employees to utilise AI in their daily tasks, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous learning.

Alex is particularly excited about the development of Apollo, an AI agent designed to support internal operations and customer service.

The future of AI at Tag includes integrating AI across all software and hardware, eventually leading to advanced AI agents and digital twins that will further streamline operations and enhance productivity.

“Empowering our team with AI tools has not only increased efficiency but also sparked creativity and innovation across the board.” – Alex, Chief Technology Officer


Integrating AI and automation efficiency in business functions has brought about significant improvements across all departments at Tag Digital.

From social media management to finance, sales, operations, and marketing, AI has streamlined processes, increased efficiency, and enabled the team to focus on more strategic tasks.

The team’s commitment to innovation and continuous learning ensures that they remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

This podcast serves as an inspiration and practical guide for other businesses embarking on their AI journey, showcasing the tangible benefits and transformative potential of AI and automation efficiency.

“Empowering our team with AI tools has not only increased efficiency but also sparked creativity and innovation across the board.” – Alex, CTO

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