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#69 – Navigating Business and Family: The Dynamic Duo Behind Story Shop’s Success with founders Gregor & Scarlett Hollerin


In this episode of Tag Lab, host Laura welcomes long-time friends Scarlett and Gregor Hollerin, the founders of Story Shop, a marketing and PR agency.

They delve into their journey of starting and running a PR and marketing agency, sharing the challenges and successes they’ve encountered.

The conversation covers their complementary skill sets, the evolution of their business model, and insights on maintaining work-life balance while running a company.

They also discuss the importance of PR, company culture, leadership styles, and the resilience required to manage both family and business life.

Key Topics:

  • Inspiration and Early Days of Story Shop
  • Evolution of the Business Model
  • Balancing Work and Family Life
  • Strategies for Effective Client Relationships
  • Learning from Failures and Building Resilience
  • Importance of Company Culture
  • Leadership Styles and Personal Growth
  • The Role and Misconceptions of PR

Inspiration and Early Days of Story Shop

Gregor and Scarlett Hollerin shared their long-standing desire to start a business together. Initially considering a variety of ventures, they ultimately decided to leverage their experience in PR and marketing.

They were inspired by friends who had successfully launched their own businesses and found motivation in the close-knit community of entrepreneurs around them.

The early days were marked by extensive discussions about the frustrations on both the client and agency sides, leading to the realisation that these sectors needed to be more closely aligned.

They believed that their combined skills could address the common issues faced in the industry.

“Seeing our friends start their businesses and learning from their experiences made it feel more achievable for us to take the leap.” – Gregor Hollerin

Evolution of the Business Model

Story Shop’s business model has evolved significantly since its inception. Scarlett emphasised the importance of honesty and trust in client relationships, which often means saying no to potential clients that do not align with their values or goals.

This approach has helped them maintain a high level of integrity and passion in their work. They also implemented a flat structure within their team, promoting a collaborative and supportive environment.

“Saying no builds trust. It ensures we work only with clients whose stories we believe in and are passionate about.” – Scarlett Hollerin

Balancing Work and Family Life

Starting Story Shop coincided with starting their family, adding a layer of complexity to their journey. Scarlett and Gregor discussed the constant challenge of balancing their roles as parents and business owners.

They emphasised the need for flexibility and the importance of being able to flow with the unpredictability of both realms.

They also highlighted the benefits of working together, as it allows them to deeply understand and support each other through the challenges of starting and running a PR and marketing agency.

“It’s difficult not to feel like you’re letting one side down at any one point, but having each other’s support makes it manageable.” – Scarlett Hollerin

Strategies for Effective Client Relationships

Scarlett and Gregor stressed the importance of setting clear expectations and maintaining open communication with clients.

They prioritise building genuine partnerships where both parties are equally invested in the success of the projects.

This approach helps avoid the common pitfalls of blame games and ensures that their work is always aligned with the clients’ goals.

“We deliberately choose clients who are as invested in making it work as we are. It’s about creating true partnerships.” – Gregor Hollerin

Learning from Failures and Building Resilience

The Hollerins shared insights on the lessons learned from their experiences, particularly from the pitches that did not go as planned.

They realised the importance of qualifying leads and focusing their efforts on clients that truly resonate with their vision.

They also discussed the challenges of balancing business growth with family commitments, acknowledging that while the journey is tough, it is ultimately rewarding.

“Doing hard things is good. We’ve chosen this path because it’s challenging and that makes the successes even more meaningful.” – Gregor Hollerin

Importance of Company Culture

Company culture is a cornerstone of Story Shop. Scarlett and Gregor have been intentional about creating a supportive and dynamic environment.

They host regular away days, celebrating milestones and fostering teamwork.

They believe in recognising individual strengths and tailoring roles to suit each team member, which has been crucial in maintaining a positive and productive workplace.

“We push people into their strengths and mould roles to really suit them, ensuring everyone feels valued and supported.” – Scarlett Hollerin

Leadership Styles and Personal Growth

Both founders have seen their leadership styles evolve as the company has grown. They emphasised the importance of being adaptable and open to learning from their team.

They also highlighted the value of honest communication and the need to continuously refine their approach to leadership.

The journey has taught them to be more deliberate in their actions and more attuned to the needs of their team.

“As we’ve grown, we’ve learned to be more deliberate about our leadership, ensuring we support and communicate effectively with our team.” – Gregor Hollerin

The Role and Misconceptions of PR

The discussion concluded with a focus on PR, addressing common misconceptions about its effectiveness.

Gregor and Scarlett explained that PR is a long-term investment strategy that requires patience and persistence.

They highlighted the importance of building trust through consistent media presence and the significant impact it can have on a business’s credibility and valuation.

“PR is a long-term game. It’s about building trust and visibility over time, which can be invaluable for investment or selling a business.” – Gregor Hollerin


The episode provided a comprehensive look into the journey of Scarlett and Gregor Hollerin as they built Story Shop. Their insights on starting and running a PR and marketing agency, maintaining work-life balance, and the importance of company culture and effective PR offer valuable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Their story is a testament to the power of resilience, partnership, and intentionality in creating a successful business.

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