AI for Business Leaders | Exclusive Event at Tag Digital HQ

AI for Business Leaders | Exclusive Event | 25th July 2024

Over the last few years, we have worked hard on enhancing our automation and AI processes. Recently, we’ve been asked frequently about our approach to AI and how we can assist others.

In response, we are hosting an intimate event at our office to educate and support founders, CEOs, and business leaders.

You are exclusively invited to join us on Thursday, July 25th, 6 – 8PM at Tag Digital HQ!

This is a must-attend event for founders and business leaders keen on leveraging AI. Places are limited, so if you commit to attending, we expect you to honour that commitment.

What can you expect at this exclusive event?

  • Valuable insights through real-world applications, case studies, and hands-on exercises
  • Key AI concepts
  • The SPARK Framework
  • The art of prompting
  • Building your own AI Agent (Immortalise your company’s knowledge)
  • Up-skilling your team and creating sticky AI processes

Hosted at 8 Minerva Way, Pavilion 2, Finnieston Business Park, G3 8AU

This event is designed to provide you with essential AI knowledge, teach you how to up-skill your team, and help you build more efficient businesses.