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Generative AI Creative and the Power of Moving Beyond Brand Guidelines

Generative AI Creative and the Power of Moving Beyond Brand Guidelines

Written by Drew Meyers, Paid Social Manager

There are many benefits to having strong, clear and recognisable branding. Among these benefits are the brand recognition that comes with it, as well as credibility with your existing customer base.

However, recent technological innovations like Generative AI are disrupting the norm. Generative AI Creative is created through the use of platforms that utilise machine learning.

“Effectively, the platforms are fed data and programmed to learn based on user input independent of human direction. Over time, the platform will then become better at understanding what is asked for when given any particular prompt as more samples are generated with feedback.”

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The Disruption

Generative AI creative is a powerful new tool within the marketer’s tool belt, however in utilising it, exact control over elements such as branding and composition are sacrificed. 

The above example is just one element of using Generative AI that can be alarming to marketers who have relied on consistent branding for years in their efforts. 

However, while the prospect of giving up this control can be daunting, marketers who adopt and adapt can reap the benefits of utilising this new technology. 

While prompts can be as specific or general as desired, Generative AI models can often struggle to replicate elements such as exact colours as, per example, Midjourney does not currently support hex codes nor Pantone colours. 

What does AI Generated Creative look like?

For example, if you run a container shipping event, and you want to visually stretch away from the traditional style of imagery, you could prompt:

“A fleet of container ships sailing off in space to a new planet. The stars are illuminating space. HD image, 1:1 aspect ratio. Add a lens flare”

And receive the following image created by artificial intelligence:

Not Disruption, but Solution 

To clarify, this blog is not to suggest that marketers should completely disregard their established brand guidelines. However, we will suggest that, in making efforts to adapt, adopt, and embrace emergent technologies, that brand guidelines should be taken as such: guidelines. 

The power of Generative AI can be used to make creative that explores the depths of what could be possible, and stretches the boundaries of what PPC banners can be. 

This is a powerful item which can be utilised to great effect for early adopters, and as such, for even a trial it is recommended to ease strictness on branding to facilitate running Generative AI creations. 

Early Benefits 

In early tests that Tag Digital have conducted with Generative AI creative, we have found both CPA and Engagement have either been equal or improved when compared to traditional PPC banners. 

Cost per conversion, in one test, was down by upwards of 10%, and Click-Through-Rate saw an even larger differential, with a 15% higher rate compared to traditional PPC banners. 

These results were especially evident on the New Data campaigns, where differentials were greater than those of re-marketing campaigns. This makes sense, since Generative AI images can be more striking and attention grabbing, luring new users to click on the ad.

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In Conclusion

While keeping consistent branding is important for any business, it is also important to take risks and embrace new technology, even if it means relaxing guidelines slightly. Your campaigns may come off better for it!  

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