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8 Key Takeaways From Our Webinar – Innovative Strategies to Support Event Organisers Through COVID-19

To support event organisers through COVID-19 we hosted a webinar on Thursday 19th March to provide tips, tricks and solutions for postponed or cancelled events.

The webinar explored best practice and helpful hints through our experience of 100 postponed and cancelled events across all parts of digital (not just PPC!)

8 key takeaways to consider:

  • Have a clear COVID- 19 statement on the website, visible on all devices at the home page. It’s better to have a dedicated page for this linked from the home page
  • Update your with latest webmaster improvements
  • You can choose whether to utilise the traffic you have built. Our advice is to keep bottom of the funnel activities like Brand Search and Remarketing and change the objectives
  • Expand your Remarketing list membership duration to 270 days for Google and 180 for Facebook, so you can keep your audience in the pools
  • There are a lot of fresh ideas if you are running campaigns, so it’s good to rethink your strategies – think about your audience and the message you want to promote
  • Once everything goes back to normal be ready for higher competition, higher CPCs and CPAs. There will be a shift in YoY queries with peak shifting from May to September
  • You will most likely still need to start campaigns out from 12 weeks from the event, exprom sooner
  • There will be a new form of events like events, virtual events, and hybrid events, which will create completely different objectives and strategies across the event industry

Don’t worry if you missed the webinar, you can access the recording by email here:

24th March 2020