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5 Ways to Promote Your Event on Facebook

In the crazy times that we are currently living in, it’s more important than ever to win over your audiences. Here are 5 ad strategies that you can implement to successfully promote your event on Facebook:

1. Targeting Past Attendees

This is the key audience that you should remarket to. Since this audience has already attended your event in the past, there is a very high chance they will attend again. Another benefit of this audience is that you can use the Facebook targeting features to create lookalike audiences based on these existing users.

2. Early Bird/Discount Messaging

Who doesn’t love a discount?! If you have a money-saving offer, make sure to include this in your Facebook advertising. This will ideally be as your ad headline or in the first 3 lines of your ad copy to grab your users’ attention and to ensure your target audience sees the savings offer.

3. Take Advantage of Facebook’s Features

One of the best features of Facebook is that users can register for your event through the on-platform lead gen forms ad format. This ad type works well as each form field is pre-filled with the user’s information including, name, email and company, therefore less clicks are required to complete the registration – bonus! Once the leads are collected, the forms can be connected to your own CRM system meaning you can work on the leads instantly without having to download them manually from Facebook.

4. Use Your Speakers to Sell Your Event

Do you have a key-note speaker for your event? Well, make sure to include them in your marketing efforts. When running event marketing campaigns we have seen that ads containing images of speakers tend to work better with most audiences. Your audiences want to see who they will be hearing from.

5. Create a Sense of Urgency

Using hot terms such as “last chance to register”, “don’t miss out” or “final chance” work well as they create urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out) in the user’s mind. When using this messaging, be sure to start it early on when promoting your event on Facebook. You don’t want to wait until 2 days before the event starts to begin pushing out this messaging. Generally, 2 to 3 weeks before the event date is the best time to start pushing the urgency messaging, however this can also vary depending on the duration of the event marketing campaign. 

If you need more information on event promotion strategies on Facebook, let us do the work for you. Book a call with one of our team here and we can discuss the best options for your event. 

Author: Farisai Mukonoweshuro, Paid Social Specialist