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5 Key Tips For Using Video For Event Promotion

Event promotion video ads are a cheap, super effective and great way to engage users and you can also build new audiences through those users that have engaged with the content.

There are five key points to think about when creating your videos for event promotion: 

  1. Introduce your brand within the first few seconds to grab the attention of the user early.
  2. Invest in production to ensure you have high quality content that will be suitable for all the platforms with the correct ad specifications.
  3. Keep your content short and simple – we recommend for PPC to keep this to a minimum of 30 seconds. In fact some platforms maximum is 30 seconds long.
  4. Focus on sound off views – ensure you have text overlay as most videos are automatically played with the sound off.
  5. Place all call to actions buttons or messages in the centre for attention.

Tag Digital has launched a brand new video solution to provide organisers with turn-key event promotion teaser videos for your upcoming show.

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10th March 2020