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3 Stage Video Funnel for Event Promotion

Why is it important to have different videos for your audience at each stage of their buyer journey?

In this blog we’re going to explore the different stages of the video funnel and creative best practises for including video in your paid advertising campaigns.

You need to create video content that resonates with your audience at each stage of the marketing funnel – as you do with all your other content.

This is where the 3 stage video funnel for event promotion comes into play.

Imagine you were served a 6-second video ad with a call to action “can’t wait to see you” for an event you didn’t know anything about – you’re unlikely to pay any attention, right?

But first, why video? 

Video can tell a story in the most exciting and engaging way. It is also the most favoured asset across all digital mediums. 

81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool — up from 63% over the last year. (Hubspot

What is the video funnel?

Similar to any marketing funnel, it is designed to attract, educate, convert, and retain visitors using videos at each stage.

There are three stages of the funnel: awareness, consideration, and action, as explained in our graphic below:

video funnel for events graphic - awareness stage, consideration stage and action stage.

Now that we understand the different stages, we’ve got an example video for each stage to help you understand how the content, video length and messaging changes as you move through the funnel.

Example videos at each stage of the funnel:

1. Awareness Stage – Event Promo Video:

2. Consideration Stage – Engagement Video:

3. Action Stage – Attendance Video:

Tag Digital is offering a brand new video funnel service for promoting your events – even if you don’t have any event footage, the team can pull together event promotion videos for each stage of the funnel to support you to reach your goals. 

Find our more about our video service here.

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