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3 New Event PPC Marketing Strategies To Try This Year

3 new event PPC marketing strategies that organisers should try this year to reach the right audience with the right message.

The world of PPC tools, channels, and trends are constantly evolving – faster than most of us can keep up. If we don’t continually try new things and take advantage of technology advancements, we’re going to get left behind.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest event PPC marketing strategies is especially important for event organisers to market their events successfully. New ad features and formats, ad networks, and strategies provide more efficient and effective strategies to deliver attendees, visitor registrations, awards entries, delegates, exhibitor and sponsor leads, ticket sales or new data.

Here are three event PPC marketing strategies to try:

In recent years with a shift toward automation, Google has changed existing ad formats and tested new ones. In 2016, for example, they introduced expanded text ads (ETAs); and in 2018, they added a third headline and a second description line to them, which provide expanded space and an opportunity to convey messages within the ad. Shortly after, Bing began supporting expanded text ads too. 

In the last few months, Google and Microsoft launched an entirely new and significant ad format called responsive search ads (RSAs). RSAs are worth implementing because they simplify the creation and testing of ads for those running campaigns. The most relevant ad headline and description for each query are displayed thanks to intelligent machine learning– ensuring the right message displays for each search. RSAs ultimately help event organisers with ad management by ensuring the best performing ad combinations are automatically identified based on customers’ searches.

Plus, Google’s new RSAs can show up to three 30-character headlines, a display URL with two 15-character path fields, and up to two 90-character description fields – up to 300 total text characters. Compared to ETAs, that’s an extra headline, an extra description, and ten more characters in each description text, making RSAs the largest ads on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) – an opportunity event organisers and marketers shouldn’t miss!

Another update Google rolled out earlier this year in all search campaigns is “Maximise conversion value” smart bidding strategy. Once again leveraging automation technology trends, maximise conversion value bidding uses intelligent machine learning to optimise PPC campaigns for the greatest conversion value within your target budget.

Event organisers benefit from using maximise conversion value since the strategy helps achieve the greatest conversion value based on budget. It is worth noting that maximise conversion value is applicable to paid events, with a trackable monetary value, rather than events that offer free registration or to lead generation campaigns as this type of smart bidding works alongside return on ad spend (ROAS) campaigns. 

As the digital sphere evolves, more and more people are watching video content. According to research conducted by Cisco (2019), over 82 percent of consumer internet traffic will consist of video by 2022, which is a momentous 15 times greater than in 2017. Video also captures attention, with 88 percent more time spent by the average user on a website with video (Forbes, 2018).

The increasing demand for video content reinforces video ads are likely to be a much more powerful strategy than text ads. For event organisers, running online video advertising across the YouTube platform as well as across video partner sites on the Google Display Network (GDN) expands an event’s digital reach to relevant audiences. With a broad range of ad formats and targeting methods that include interests, remarketing lists, demographic groups and placement, online video advertising is particularly useful for organisers in the event marketing promotion mix to increase brand awareness and reach new audiences.   

Responsive search ads, maximise conversions value bidding, and the rise of online video advertising only a few impactful updates been made to digital advertising over the last few years. 

Get in touch with the Tag Digital team to learn more about making the most of these latest innovations and updates across search, social, display and video platforms to maximise your campaign performance and reach your event marketing goals. 

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