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10 Top Tips to Optimise Event Landing Pages

Why is the quality of your landing page so important?

In this blog we’re going to share our 10 top tips for optimising your event landing pages to increase your conversion rate, quality score and trust and retention of your audience.

1. Align your landing page content and ad copy

It’s so important that your landing page content matches your ad text and the ad’s keywords as it’s directly related to Quality Score.

For example, if a user clicks an ad talking about visiting a free event, don’t send them to a pricing options page, but instead to a page specifically about the free event. 

The more directly related the landing page is to the ad text, the better.

2. Use less links

Provide the necessities, like a link to make a purchase, contact info, and a link to the homepage, but not much else.

Only 4% of marketers have link-free landing pages, 81% of marketers include between 1-9 links on their pages and 14% use more than 10 navigation links that take visitors away from the landing page.

3. Site navigation

It’s important that your landing page is easy to navigate to enhance the customer journey to conversion.

4. Call-to-action (CTA)

  • Have a clear and powerful call to action that entices visitors.
  • Calls to action in button form are best.
  • One purpose – One CTA. No distractions, minimalism and one purpose — this is what makes a high-converting landing page.
  • Some landing pages oftentimes have more than one CTA. This confuses visitors and can decrease the conversion rate.
  • If you want to add more than one CTA, you need to create separate pages for each.

5. Capture user information

  • When sending users to a landing page, at the very least, you want their name, phone number, and email address.
  • People don’t like to dish out their details so getting this information means the offer is meaningful to the user.
  • Suggest gating content with a lead form so you receive valuable data in return.
  • Ungated content can increase views, but lead generation can suffer if you’re not capturing contact details.

Do you want to learn more? Listen to the Tag Digital Podcast with David and Stewart, Paid Media Managers and Conall, Senior Paid Media Manager, How to Optimise Landing Pages for Event Professionals

6. Short, concise content

  • Keep it short and to the point.
  • Too much information and text can easily overwhelm visitors.
  • Simply provide the essential key information and important points that you know will grab user’s attention.
  • Use appropriate images, relevant lifestyle images featuring people.

7. Form length 

  • If your conversion rate is low, consider shortening your form.
  • If the quality of your leads is the main issue, try lengthening the form.
  • Every minute saved (or added) to a user’s experience on your site can make a big difference.

8. Social proofing

  • Trust symbols and badges, like awards you’ve won, recognition, and your own logo, help reassure potential customers that your businesses is trustworthy and safe to make a purchase with. 
  • Testimonials from real users who have benefitted from your offering also increases authenticity. 

9. Need for speed

  • Something as simple as site speed can have a large impact on your landing page Quality Score.
  • Speed has a direct impact on conversions.
  • Test your landing page and make sure it is loading at a reasonable speed.
  • If it’s too slow, check the size of your images and eliminate any extras that might be weighing the page down.
  • Slow sites start to load in over 2.5 seconds.
  • Challenge team to limit each page to 1MB. Less page weight gives better speed which gives more conversions.

10. Optimise for mobile

  • Above the fold content is crucial on any landing page, but it’s especially important for converting mobile users.
  • We have a terrible attention span when we’re on our phones.
  • Focus on the essentials and shorten copy and forms.
  • Ensure website is lightning fast.

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