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10 Fresh Ideas for Event Marketers in 2021

We know this year has been tough for the event industry but we are hoping to see some light at the end of the tunnel soon. 

We have spent our time listening to feedback from our clients, innovating and developing and ready to come into 2021 swinging.  We wanted to share some fresh ideas to give you as event marketers some inspiration for going into 2021.

10 Fresh Ideas for Event Marketers to Try for 2021:

  1. Data Onboarding – Uplift conversions from remarketing through our partnership with Live Ramp which means we can run any data through this platform and identity graph to get very detailed audience segmentation and uplift from 20% match rate for custom data on google, Linkedin etc to 70%.
  2. Benchmarking – do you want to know what is “good” for your event? – We have the data from 100,000 event campaigns to support this
  3. Audience Extension – generate 300% uplift in revenue through utilising your own network through remarketing and lookalike audiences 
  4. New Market Exploration – do you want to know the next niche or natural progression for your event portfolio using pure data? As one of twenty agencies in Europe with access to this data, we can help you.
  5. Enhanced Programmatic – increase your reach through DV360 which increases our exposure to premium publishers and enhanced audience targeting 
  6. Lead Generation – drive more revenue using new betas on LinkedIn + Google to gather more leads for exhibitors and sponsorship
  7. Virtual Event Campaigns – driving high quality traffic, engaged attendees, sponsorship revenue and targeted pre-registrations
  8. Live & Hybrid campaigns – the team can advise on the right tone, images and calls to action to best serve your audience 
  9. Data Building – to generate leads for visitor, exhibitor and sponsor campaigns 
  10. Video content creation – By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic (Cisco). Whether you are in need of more video content, or just have outdated post show videos, we can create best practice event teaser videos ready to roll out on all networks

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24th November 2020