How Users Consume your Social Media Content

Creating content that makes your audience happy, engaged, brand advocates is the holy grail of content marketing. Unfortunately, even with careful study of previous statistics and interactions, there is still no real way of telling how your audience will react to the content you publish – or if they will respond at all.

You can spend days crafting the perfect article, complete with beautifully designed graphics and see it get no response, while something you sent out while on the bus home gets the highest engagement of the month! You can control what and when you publish, but you can’t control the behaviour of your followers. That’s why audience and market profiling is important. It can help you predict the reactions and plan your marketing more efficiently.

When you’re profiling, understanding how your audience is interacting with your content is vital – and prioritising the right kind of interactions even more so. Here are just a few observations of how your market will be consuming your carefully crafted content, and what you need to look out for:

Are they Reading or Browsing?

Your average internet user is adept at ‘skimming’ web pages, spending around 15 seconds on a page. So, unfortunately, just because someone clicked through to your blog article doesn’t mean they read it. You need to track time-on-page as a key engagement metric for your blog.

Turning Impressions into Engagement

Your posts on social media need to be tailored to your audience, and they need to stand out from the stream of information. Design is big part of social media marketing as posts with graphics have a higher engagement rate than those without. Content is more than just words.

Value over Viral

If likes turn to clicks, clicks to shares, and shares to a viral article – is that enough? Did the phone ring? With all content, you need to prioritise value over viral. Of course, no matter what your topic is, you can help it along the way with some clever timing, for instance, by linking it to current events. A clear message, combined with a call-to-action can have a huge impact if sent at the right time.

Social Media is not a tool to be taken lightly – as all too many brands have seen in the last few years, the right Tweets at the right time can make or ruin a company! If you need some advice and strategy before wading into content marketing – get in touch.


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